Braun Chopper Price in Pakistan

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These choppers are designed to speed up the chopping process with innovative technologies. Braun choppers in Pakistan are available at different price ranges that meet your budget needs. Here, we will share Braun chopper features and pricing analysis to let you decide on getting the best one.

Series of Braun choppers in Pakistan

  1. Tribute Collection Chopper
  2. Multipractic Chopper
  3. PureEase Food Processor

Tribute Collection Chopper

These types of choppers are high-end because of the innovative technology used in these machines. Here we have shared some of the features:

  • Pre-set speed Function

To get quick results, pre-set speed function provides control over performance and precise results.

  • Unique 2 Bowl system

This collection of food processors also provides side by side bowl system.

Multipractic Chopper

This type of chopper is designed for easy processing, and it has some advanced technology features that are mentioned following:

  • Advanced QuadBlade Technology

Four layered stainless steel blades are used for fast chopping. It enables to process up 25% more than our dual-blade system.

  • Speed Control

There are speed control setting available where for more power you need to push down the speed selector.

PureEase Food Processor

These food processors are easy to process with one touch. This one is the fastest series of Braun which comes with multiple attachments.

  • Easy click system

Easier to switch between a food processor and blender with easy food preparation.

  • 2 speeds +Pulse

Get the 2 speeds + pulse to access simple everyday food preparation rapidly.

Common Features of Braun Choppers in Pakistan


These food processors come with different types of attachments up to 7


Up to 800W powerful motors are used for these choppers.

Braun Chopper Price in Pakistan

  • Multipractic chopper is economical because of no attachment and available with one push control.
  • PurEase Food processors are high-end choppers because of multiple attachments and powerful motors.

As of German origin and superior quality, Braun Chopper Prices are comparatively higher than other brands in Pakistan. Here is price list of Braun Choppers in Paksitan:



Braun Chopper FP 3010Rs. 28,499


Can I use a Braun chopper to grind coffee beans?

Yes, Multipractic and PureEase food Processors can grind the coffee beans easily.

How long is the warranty on Braun choppers?

Braun offers a one-year limited warranty on almost every chopper and food processor model.

How do I use my Braun chopper?

Assemble the chopping bowl and blade according to instructions in the user manual.


These are the various types of series for Braun choppers in Pakistan. Get the best one that suits your kitchen needs and budget range.