Nasgas Geyser Price in Pakistan

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Original price was: ₨23,000.Current price is: ₨20,900.

Nasgas is gaming quite popular, especially for their water geysers. It has vested a great amount of effort in researching the efficient yet cheaper technology of the water heater. Due to efforts, Nas gas water geysers prices are quite low in Pakistan. Let’s have a look at different available options for its water geysers.

Types of Nasgas Geysers

There are mainly 2 types of nasgas geysers, 1 with storage and one without a water tank. Details of them are discussed below.

Nasgas Water Storage Geyser

These are very simple water geysers that can heat the water and have a large capacity, so the water is stored for a long-time. Nasgas, a water storage geyser, has three different models. One is gas-based, and the other is a hybrid (electric + gas).

Nasgas Electric & Gas Water storage Geyser

This geyser can use both gas & electricity to heat the water. When gas is not available, you can use electricity rods to heat the water that is stored inside a large tank.

Nasgas Gas Geyser (without storage tank)

These geysers have burners fired up with gas and warm up the water. It takes 30 to 40 minutes to heat the water. Once the heated, it’s good to go for 30 min continuous bath.

Nasgas Electric Water Geyser (without storage tank)

These geysers use electricity to heat the water. It is best for winter because the gas load shedding increase in the winter.

Nasgas Instant water Geysers

These geysers can heat water instantly. When you open the tab, it automatically starts to heat the water. The burners in these geysers are lit by when there is water movement. These are energy-saving geysers, and it has water controlled automatic ignition or a Digital temperature gauge meter feature. It usually has a 6-8 liters heating capacity and a 99.9% pure copper heat exchanger.

There are 2 types of instant water geysers:

  1. Instant Gas Heater
  2. Instant Electric Heater

Nasgas Semi Instant Electric Water Heater

The Nasgas Semi-Instant Electric Water Geyser uses spin flow technology to save energy and boil water quickly. These geysers employ a magnesium rod to avoid corrosion. These geysers feature enameled inlet/outlet and specific enamel-coated tanks.

Price of Nasgas Water Heater in Pakistan Jul 2024:

Although Nasgas has gained fame in recent years, it has still controlled the price of its water geysers. Their Geysers prices start from 15,500/- PKR. A standard storage gas geyser with a capacity of 40 liters would cost you around 40,000 PKR.



Nasgas Semi Instant Electric Water Heater (SEM-100/120)Rs. 16,700