Geyser Price In Pakistan

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Water Heaters have been around since the Romans. They have come a long way, especially in terms of efficiency and safety, to make it easier for you to enjoy your hot showers.

Historically, people used to have hammam publicly, where they heat tons of water and then place it into an insulated bathtub, where it stays heated for a long time.

This system of the hot bath was quite inefficient and lacked privacy. Only rich people were able to afford this hot bath privately. But now everything is changed when water geysers (formally known as water heaters) were introduced.

How does a water geyser work?

A water geyser can quickly provide hot water for personal or office use without the involvement of any physical person for the heating process. It can be used for heating water in homes and buildings, as well as the large industry. It uses some energy (Gas or electricity) to heat water until it’s hot enough for a user.

Its specially built body allows it to store heated water for a long period. Specially designed internal architecture heats the water evenly and in the most efficient possible way.

Types of Geysers:

There are three main types of water geysers:

  • Electric water geyser
  • Gas water geyser
  • Tankless water geyser

Electric Water Geyser

This electric water heater uses electricity as its energy source, which is more expensive than gas or oil for homes in Pakistan However, it’s much safer because there are no open flames like those from water geysers that use gas or oil.

They aren’t smaller in size but are easily installable and are used only when required. Turning them on and off is quite easy as compared to the traditional gas geyser. It also has a large water tank that can store heated water for later usage.

Rule of thumb, if you are manually turning this geyser on and off. Start it at least 30 min before usage. As it takes time to properly heater up the water.

Electric Instant Geyser:

This type of electric geyser is versatile in that it can heat water for instant hot water, regular use, or even used in a central heating system. It also has an adjustable temperature controller to prevent scalding and overheating of the water supply.

It is ideal for home or office use because it’s small yet powerful enough to get the job done effectively while being energy efficient at the same time. You will love this product not only because it’s easy on your wallet but also saves you over 70% of energy consumption compared with conventional models out there.

Gas Water Geyser

It heats cold water to a preset temperature and stores hot water until it’s needed for use. It uses natural gas, propane, fuel oil, or other combustible gases as its energy source. Many people prefer this type of water geyser because it’s more efficient and can provide water at a very high temperature.

In Pakistan, it was being used in the homes until we started facing a shortage of natural gas, especially in winters. People were forced to use gas pumps to attain natural gas uninterruptedly. A lot of new buyers prefer electric geysers for that reason.

Tankless Electric Water Geyser

It heats water on demand instead of storing it in a tank for later use. They are smaller than traditional water geysers because they don’t have to store gallons of hot water. It only produces the amount of hot water you’re using at that moment, which can be helpful for homes with multiple water users.

Misconception: Many people regard this as a simple electric heater in Pakistan, but it is tankless.

Hybrid water geyser (gas/electricity)

In recent years, local manufacturers understood the problem of Pakistani customers with gas in winters. Which resulted in a new type, hybrid water geyser.

It uses both electricity and natural gas. It typically has an electric water heating element and a burner or other heat source to produce hot water, which can be more efficient than separate systems.


If, you ask us, what is the most reliable and effective water heater to purchase? our reply would be that it all depends on two questions, what type of water geyser would best fit your needs and how much hot water do you use per day.

  1. An average household will likely need 20 gallons of water stored at 120 degrees Fahrenheit for showering and doing laundry. So, a standard 20-gallon, gas geyser would easily fulfill your need.
  2. Another option may be using a tankless unit, which only supplies the necessary amount without wasting energy on storing extra water.
  3. The 3rd option is my favorite. Segment your house into 2 parts or portions, install 1 tankless heater and 1 gas heater. Use as a heater for daily usage, and if gas starts doing problem and you have to take warm batch, turn on the tankless electric geyser.
  4. Lastly, if you can afford high electric bills, then install an electric geyser with the tank. Although this is a lot of load shedding in Pakistan, its tank can store heated water for many hours.

Things to consider when buying a water geyser:

  • The capacity and efficiency of your water geyser determine how much hot water is available in the home.
  • The size of your water geyser should correspond to the amount of space you have since they come in different sizes (Small/ Medium/ Large). ·
  • The water geyser type you choose should be based on the amount of water needed, how often it’s used, and your budget.
  • Make sure to check warranties while buying a water geyser so that if something goes wrong, you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket expenses. Double-check that starting date is mentioned properly.
  • Energy Factor is a water geyser’s performance rating that measures its ability to provide hot water with the energy it consumes (Gas and electricity). The higher the Energy Factor, the more efficient your water geyser will be. You can find energy consumption details in the instruction manual.
  • Recovery Rate tells you how long it takes for your water geyser to recover after it has been turned off so you can have hot water again. So, ask for the estimated recovery rate.

The Attributes of a good water geyser:

  • It should be durable.
  • It should come with a warranty.
  • The water heating system of good water geysers is energy efficient.
  • It must need to have an effective recovery rate that ensures a fast, hot water supply to your faucets and appliances. Bad Geysers will have low recovery rates.
  • It should be safe for the environment and your water.
  • It in good brands will have a corrosion-resistant tank to ensure durability, longevity, and safety in use. A poor heater may rust over time if it is not made of durable material such as stainless steel or aluminum.

Safety form water geyser:

  • water geysers should not operate non-stop unless it’s an emergency as they emit carbon monoxide. This dangerous gas can cause fatalities when inhaled in large amounts over a period of time. Your water geyser cannot filter out this poisonous gas, so don’t ever use this heater for water drinking. If you require that, you can get it done by installing a ventilator or flue for your water geyser system. Doing so will help keep your family safe from any harmful emissions.
  • Water geyser should be installed by a professional.
  • The water geyser tank should not touch the wall or anything else for that matter. Please make sure there are at least 12 inches of space around it.

The material quality of water heater:

The quality of materials used also determines how energy efficient it can be since cheaper ones tend to lose hot water quickly when their heating system frequently fails, leading to high bills too that add up monthly, yearly, or never end depending on its usage rate.

Water Geyser Price Summary:

The cost of a water geyser greatly depends on the types you are buying. Mostly Nsagas and Canon water geysers are your usual get-to-go choices.

On average, the electric water geyser can be purchased around 14,000/- PKR & the gas geyser around 35,000/- PKR. it can go up to 80,000/- as they are priced with respect to type and size.

Geyser Pricelist of 2021:

How to increase the efficiency of water geysers?

The water geyser temperature should be set at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Water boils at 212 degrees, so this is the perfect temperature to ensure all water has been cleaned and sanitized.