Samsung Washing Machine Price in Pakistan

Samsung washing machine price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 87,400 to Rs 319,900. Being offical dealer of Samsung we offer their washing machine at the most afforable rates. So a good Samsung washing machine from us wouldn't cost you more than Rs 214,500. We sell geuine and origonal products of Samsung whose warranties can be claimed from the offical service center of Samsung.

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Clothes have a lot to say about a person’s personality. Samsung thinks that this should not be jeopardized, and they’re on the mark. The moment you buy a Samsung Washing Machine you will know that you had bought a class and we all know that being classy requires a lot of extra money. Here we will guide you about things that can help you get a better idea of the price of Samsung washing machines, especially in Pakistan.

Types of Samsung Washing Machine

Basically, Samsung offers 3 types of washing machines. All of these are automatic.

  1. Top loader
  2. Front Loader

Samsung Top Load Washing Machine

This Automatic washing machine may appear to be quite basic. It has an exquisite external appearance that entices the consumer with one look and offers comfort, convenience, and smoothness when washing.

The wobble pulse avoids friction and allows for the smooth cleaning of delicate materials. As a result, it provides a more thorough washing process that cleans every item of clothing to the highest possible level.

It has a dual jet and double storm system that creates small currents which allow even cleaning of your clothes. These machines come with silver ions-coated filters that are ideal for an anti-bacterial wash.

Samsung Front Load Washing Machine

Samsung Front Load Automatic Washing Machine is More Expensive than a Top Load Washing Machine. Samsung has created a variety of sizes and models for the front load washer. They have also developed models with a washer and dryer, which they call “in-door” machines. There are several methods employed by both types of washing machines that are rather distinctive. Although it has a dryer, that leaves clothes in ready to press (mild wet) state.

Samsung Washer Specifications:

Below are a few of Samsung’s washers

It has an extra-large drum, which allows it to hold more clothes at once,
increasing the convenience levels manifold.

  1. Samsung Turbo Drum
  2. Samsung Electronics’ innovative motor and pump technology
  3. Samsung Eco Bubble
  4. Samsung Eco Sensing

These are all distinctive characteristics of the Samsung Fully Automatic Washing Machine.

Price of Samsung washing machine in Pakistan Jul 2024:



Samsung 9 kg Washing Machine WW90TA046AX/NQRs. 229,999
Samsung 8.5kg+6kg Front Load WD85T4046CE/FQRs. 254,999

Samsung automatic washing machine prices vary a lot among models. Each model has its unique specifications. These features and styles of Samsung washing machines determine their rates. Their rates are also dependent on the sizes of Samsung washing machines.

Usually, a good Samsung washing machine with an 8 kg size would cost you 87,5000/- to 195,000/- PKR. this cost would increase if you move away from standard models towards models, with rich features.