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In hot summer days, people living in areas with high temperatures find it hard to stay inside their homes. Air conditioners are a great way to keep cool, but they can be expensive to run. Kenwood AC is a great alternative to traditional air conditioners. Kenwood AC is available in different models and series.

Kenwood is a Japanese electronics company that produces a wide range of electronic products. The company’s products are known for their range of designs by which they blend easily with your indoor space. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the features and benefits of Kenwood ACs.

Kenwood ac series

Kenwood ac’s are designed to give you the best experience. The company has different series which cater for different needs.

Split Inverter series

There are seven different series of split inverter AC, that can be categorized into three: low end, mid-range, and high-end series, based on price and specifications.

All these inverter series have heat & cool options and operates on eco-friendly R410 gas and tropical compressor. All these uses latest DC inverter technology that adjust cooling output to match changing temperature. The result is significant upto 75% of energy saving compared to fixed speed units.

Here is a comparative analysis of Kenwood Inverter AC series price in Pakistan.

eACE, eSleek Plus & eSupreme

These are three low range series that come in elegant white colors. They have 60% energy efficiency and tropical compressor for power full cooling and heating. Other basic features include: i-feel, anti-fungus function, auto clean.

These economical models are specially designed to give you the best possible cooling with great value for your money and complete blend with your interior.

eEco Plus

eEco Plus comes in metallic grey finish with bigger indoor/outdoor unit and falls in mid-range price bracket. They offer high energy saving of 75% that saves a lot of electricity. Above all, this series have UV-C light that kills bacteria form air and disinfects the room air.


this series have same specification as that of eEco Plus (75% energy saving and UV-C light), however, it has elegant metallic grey design with side led panel.

Due to its elegant design, it is a bit costlier than the eEco Plus.

eComfort Plus

This is another midrange wall mount inverter with elegant white design. It also has 75% energy efficiency. Predominantly it has refrigerant leakage detection technology. Also, it has state of the art RG10 gear technology.

eSmart Plus

This is flagship Kenwood AC model that has elegant matt white finish and biggest indoor and outdoor. This high-end model has upto 70% efficiency and has all the basic features. Above all, it has Wi-Fi connectivity option for smart operation. These high specs of this model justify its high price.

Non inverters series

The non-inverters units have a rotary compressor that has been designed to give you reliable and affordable cooling but are not energy efficient. This series offers two models that are:


This non inverter is only cool model that comes in elegant white color design. It has basic features like turbo cooling, auto restart, 4D air flow and powerful air flow, etc.

This is cheapest Kenwood AC available in the market.

eNova Plus

This series has same feature and design as that of eNova plus, but they have improved performance and machine built quality. There for is a bit expensive than simple eNova model.

Buying these Kenwood non inverter AC can save you upto 40% price as compared to inverter series.

Floor standing series:

In floor standing AC, Kenwood offers three variations according to price and specifications. These ACs are designed to give powerful air throw due to bigger blowers for fast cooling or heating of large room areas. These ACs are highly durable and have long lasting performance.


This is basic Kenwood floor standing DC inverter model with traditional white rectangular design. These units with basic features like auto-clean, auto-start, 4D air flow, etc, are very economical in price.


this is much advance floor standing with traditional design. It operates on latest and more efficient R22 gas. It is available in variations of DC inverter and non-inverter, cool only and heat & cool models, T3 compressor and tropical compressor variations.

Due it its different variations, it is available in different price ranges.

eInverter Premier Plus

This model has latest curved design available in two color variations: white and copper colors. It is heat and cool model that has various intelligent operation options like self-diagnosis, and intelligent wind protection and adjustment. This unit has remarkable 40% energy efficiency – rare in curved floor standing design.

Due to its advanced features, it is a high-end floor standing AC unit.

Features of Kenwood ac

Touch control: Kenwood ACs come with touch control that makes it easy for you to operate the unit. The touch control is sensitive and responsive, making it easy to use.

Child lock

The child lock feature on Kenwood ACs ensures that your children do not accidentally change the settings on the unit. This is a great safety feature that ensures that your children are safe when using the AC.

Sleep mode

The sleep mode on Kenwood ACs is designed to help you save energy. When the sleep mode is activated, the AC will automatically adjust the temperature to a comfortable level so that you can sleep peacefully.

Auto restart

Kenwood ACs come with an auto restart feature that allows the unit to restart automatically after a power outage. This is a great feature that ensures that your AC is always running at peak performance.

Tropical compressor

The tropical compressor on Kenwood ACs is designed to work in high temperatures. This compressor is able to start up even in very hot weather, making it a great choice for use in tropical climates.

Intelligent sleep mode

The intelligent sleep mode on Kenwood ACs is designed to save energy. When the sleep mode is activated, the AC will automatically adjust the temperature to a comfortable level so that you can sleep peacefully. The AC will also turn off when it detects that you  are no longer in the room, making it a very energy efficient AC.

Deep sleep mode

The deep sleep mode on Kenwood ACs provides you with a comfortable night’s sleep. When the deep sleep mode is activated, the AC will automatically adjust the temperature to a comfortable level so that you can sleep

Long air flow

Kenwood ACs come with a long air flow that ensures that you get a uniform cooling in your room. The long air flow is also designed to reduce the noise level so that you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Sizes of Kenwood ACs

Kenwood wall mount ACs come in 1 ton, 1,5 ton and 2 ton size variations. While its floor standing units come in 2 ton and 4 ton sizes.


  • Kenwood wall mount inverter ACs offer upto 10 years nationwide compressor warranty and 4 years PCB warranty for its air conditioners.
  • And its wall mount non inverter ACs come with 3 years compressor warranty
  • While its floor standing ACs come with 3 year compressor and 2 years PCB warranty.

Updated price list of Kenwood AC

Here is and updated compiled list of Kenwood AC that includes all the sizes and models discussed above.