Ecostar AC Price in Pakistan

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Ecostar air conditioners are gaining popularity in Pakistan for their advanced features and affordable prices.

Series of Ecostar AC in Pakistan:

This year in 2023 Ecostar is coming with a completely new Duke and Emperor ac series and has discontinued all its earlier ac series like Pro, G-smart, Arctic, and Crown series. So current series are:

  1. Emperor Series
  2. Duke Series

While these series have the same features, size, and performance at the same prices in Pakistan, the only difference is their design.

Features of Ecostar ACs:

Newer R32 Refrigerant:

One of the main attractions of Ecostar ACs is their use of R32 refrigerant, which is more environmentally friendly and energy efficient than the traditional 410a refrigerant.

Sturdy PCB Design

Another key feature of Ecostar ACs is their labyrinth design PCB, which provides protection against dust, short circuit, and even rain. This ensures that the AC continues to function smoothly even in harsh outdoor conditions.

Self-Cleaning Evaporator for Cleaner Air:

One of the unique features of Ecostar ACs is the self-cleaning evaporator. This feature ensures that the evaporator remains clean and free of bacteria, making the air you breathe inside your home or office much cleaner and healthier.

Low Voltage Operability

Ecostar ACs also feature low voltage startup, which allows the AC to start even when the voltage is as low as 150V. This is particularly useful in areas where the power supply is unstable.

Self-Diagnosis Feature

Additionally, the self-diagnosis feature helps to identify and solve problems quickly, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

4 Star Efficiency Rating

Ecostar ACs are also energy efficient, with a 4 star rating and a SEER of 7.0. They also come with a WiFi enabled feature, which allows you to control your AC remotely through your smartphone or tablet.


In terms of warranty, Ecostar offers a 10-year compressor warranty, 4-year PCB warranty, and 2-year condenser and evaporator warranty in Pakistan. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your AC is covered for a long period of time.

Upto date Ecostar AC Price in Pakistan 2023

Ecostar 1 ton AC price in Pakistan starts from 92,500 PKR, white its 1.5 ton AC price starts from 113,500 PKR. Finally, its 2 ton ac price starts from 152,000 PKR.

Here is a comprehensive price list:


In conclusion, Ecostar ACs are an excellent choice for those looking for an advanced, energy-efficient, and affordable air conditioner. With their advanced features, such as the use of R32 refrigerant, labyrinth design PCB, self-cleaning evaporator, and low voltage startup, And the best part is that the Ecostar price in Pakistan is very reasonable against the features it offers.