PEL Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

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PEL has a very sleek and elegant range of water dispensers in Pakistan that will not only provide you rapid drinking water, but also add aesthetics to you home or workplace.

The PEL water dispensers come with a sleek and modern design with some color variations. Their capacity to hold up to 25 cups at once is perfect for the home or office. Then all PEL dispensers comes with a 1 year official compressor warranty all over Pakistan.

PEL Water Dispensers Types in Pakistan

Following are the type of PEL water dispensers;

PEL Tabletop Water Dispenser

A childproof lock, two outlets, and a front door are included in this type of PEL water dispenser. The hot and cold taps are on one side, while the safety lock protects children from burns.

This tabletop water dispenser comes without any bottom cabin so has the cheapest price.

PEL Water Dispenser with Bottom Cabin

PEL also has its water dispenser that comes with bottom storage cabin which is its base mode; however, this cabin is not a chiller box so is economical in price. This PEL dispenser price in Pakistan starts form about PKR 24,500.

PEL Water Dispenser with Chiller Box

PEL has its more advance water dispenser with bottom chiller box, that can be used for cold storage of food items. This is also available with two taps: hot and cold and has a mid price range.

This PEL dispenser is also economical in price and will cost you just PKR 1000 more than its base model.

PEL Glass Door Water Dispenser

Lastly, PEL has its Glass Door series that are available in three elegant colors: purple blaze, red blaze and mirror impression. This glass door series comes in two variations. First, is with straight glass door while the second is with curved glass door with most expensive price.

This premium water dispenser would cost you about PKR 2500 more than its base model. , but it you want a curved glass door, then it would cost you about PKR 3200 more than its base model.

PEL Water Dispenser Features

While PEL has a number of different models and categories, all PEL’s water dispenser shares similar features.

  • Two tap waters outlet for rapid hot and cold water
  • 7 liter cold water storage capacity, form which you can get 25 cups of water instantaneously.
  • 2 liter hot water storage capacity
  • The compressor has low power consumption with low noise and has gas leakage warranty of 1 year.
  • Their water storage tank are made up of food grade stainless steel, that gives rust-free water and inhibits bacterial growth.

List of PEL Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan 2023

Here is a comprehensive list of PEL water dispenser price in Pakistan.


Water dispensers with PEL are ideal for providing safe and clean drinking water. Which are avoiding illnesses such as Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and other conditions. Hot & Cold Filtered Water Systems helps you save valuable time and precious money by providing purified, clean drinking water at a very affordable price in Pakistan. Its available colors are black, red, white, and purple.