Electric + Gas Geyser Price in Pakistan

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Gas load shedding in Pakistan is quite common in winter. At the same time, electricity tends to be expensive. Due to these two reasons, everyone wants to install two geysers (electric and gas) to have an uninterrupted hot water supply via electric geysers. They would use these expensive geysers only when facing gas load shedding problems.

Luckily, the manufacturer saw this opportunity and launched a new hybrid geyser that could run on electricity and gas. They are formally known as electric and gas geysers.

Types of Hybrid geysers

The types of geysers included:

  1. Tank gas and electric heater.
  2. Tankless (instant) gas and electric geyser.


The two-in-one geyser (hybrid geyser) has a built-in gas and electric supply facility. It can run on both or either one of these options in a single time.
The hybrid geysers with multiple electric heating filaments are faster water heating solutions than a standard electric heater.

Tank water heaters are constructed with insulation to keep the water within the tank warm.

Its thermostat helps manage the temperature of the tank water.

They are extremely energy efficient and require less energy to maintain water temperature over a long period.

Cons of tank gas and electric geysers:

The limited hot water supplies because these water heaters, or Geysers, only heat the water that can be kept in tanks. So make sure that tank capacity is enough for your daily usage.

They’re huge and require a lot of space to install.

Locally manufactured gas & electric geysers are a bit cheaper than imported ones. They have modified gas geysers with some extra features. So you won’t be able to enjoy touch screen or wifi options.


The hybrid instant geysers can be easily switched to gas-electric and vice versa depending on your feasibility. But they only run on one source at a time.
The geyser can be auto ignited as it has this built-in feature.

It is a one-time investment for an uninterrupted water supply and minimal energy consumption. So they are a bit costly.

Some of these imported geysers have a user-friendly interface like a touch screen. They also have a Wi-Fi connection, which can interlink with Android and iOS phones.

In hybrid instant geysers, you can schedule the timings to maintain the heating temperature of the water.

Cons of Tankless instant geyser

An imported tankless hybrid geyser is more expensive than any other geyser on the market.

Brands of Hybrid geysers

The choice of a brand must be considered carefully and follow an exhaustive market analysis. You often discover a business offering a Geyser for sale at an affordable price, but the quality is not excellent. Eventually, you’ll get the wrong item in an attempt to save some money.

Be aware before you decide on the brand to purchase. Few brands’ names are listed below that you can buy from.

  • Tesla
  • Super Asia
  • Canon
  • Nagas
  • Sego
  • Boss

We suggest you choose a reputable brand that provides customers with satisfaction, top-quality products, and affordable prices.