warranty policy

On average for any electronic appliance, 20-40% of the product price is paid in term of warranty. Because these products have tons of small electric circuit unit built out of transistor and capacitors inside which contains chemicals for charging and discharging which wears our over time.

Most of the time when electrical product wears out it a faculty capacity, but sometimes fault it occurs due to manufacturing fault. Whatever the case it is, fear of buying faulty products hurts manufacturer/brand business, that’s why most of branded electric appliances comes under warranty.

Shopping Jin is official dealer of all top brands in Pakistan. Almost all of our products are directly bought and sourced from reliable manufacturing company that comes with claimable warranty.

Branded Product Warranty

When you buy product from shopping jin, we only open the product packaging to fill out the warranty information beside doing standard Quality Assurance tasks. Nothing more, nothing less.

Once you receive the product, you have the legal ownership of that product and you became direct consumer of the brand that product belong to. Now all warranty claims are subject to the manufacturer’s jurisdiction and all dealing regarding product issues are dealt between the owner and brand itself.

By purchasing a product of a specific brand, you agree to their warranty policy. Shopping Jin does not play any role in the warranty claim process. We would product after sales support but replacement, fixing and maintenance of branded product is beyond our support.

Warranty obligations include the repair of defective products, replacement of faulty parts, or replacement or refund are determined by the manufacturer. For more information regarding band warranty terms, you can visit the manufacturer’s website.

Note: No brand provide life time warranty, all warranties are claimable under have limited time span.

Can I claim warranty of my electric product purchased from anywhere?

No, only products purchased from registered dealers, retailers & wholesaler of brands are entitled for warranty claiming. Registered dealers stamp warranty card with their officially issued stamp which is verified during the claim process.

How to know the warranty duration of my product?

On each warranty card dealer mention the date of purchase and company has already mentioned the warranty deadlines on the warranty card. Also each brand publicly state the warranty on their website and box.

How to claim brand warranty?

Simply contact the brand’s service center via number provided on the warranty card or look it up online. Give them a call, tell them your warranty card number & personal details. They will issue you a complaint number and will instruct you accordingly

Are all faults covered in brand’s warranty?

No, all brands have some limitation to what they can cover in warranty. You need to read the warranty terms with great care at the time of purchase so you would know what come and what doesn’t comes in claiming warranty.

Imported Products Warranty

All of the listed Imported products are also in warranty but they can’t be claimed in Pakistan. Reason is that a few of international brands haven’t yet created their service centers in Pakistan.

But shopping Jin cares for you, so For such brands we also facilitate our customer by providing 100% Brand guarantee and open check warranty from our end

Open & Check Warranty

This options is available for almost all of our products whose warranty can’t be claimed or don’t have warranty option to begin with. You can open the package and check the product yourself. If product have any faults in operation, it would be replaced by shopping jin.

Local Warranty

For specific products shopping jin offers local warranty. We being the official importer and distributor for couple of brands can offer you local brand warranty. We have small repair lab in Lahore, where we have experts for a couple of brand. We pick up your product, analyses the fault and import the faulty part directly from the brand. After replacing we thoroughly check the product and dispatch it back to our beloved customer.

P.S: We only provide local warranty for a couple of brand. We communicate local warranty on website and on call at the time of purchase.