Instant Electric Geyser Price in Pakistan

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Instant electric geysers are energy efficient and are very convenient to be used as they can instantly heat-up water for Bath, Laundry or Kitchen, These are controlled by thermostats which gives you precise control over heating temperature.

Why Instant Electric Geyser?

As in winters of 2023 in Pakistan a lot of gas load shedding is expected due to global energy crisis. Therefor, switching from conventional gas water heaters to instant electric geysers is a wise decision.

Also, instant electric geysers gives you instant heating of your water and you don’t have to keep them operating all the time, This makes them highly energy efficient which will definitely lower your energy bills.

Power Consumption

The instant electric water heater consumes 2KW -4KW power. This means if they run for an hour, they would consume 2-4 electric units. It’s around 30 rupees.

Comparison with gas geyser

Time of heat: Until recently, most people were still using the traditional gas water heater for daily usage which was very slow. Now an instant electric heater of 2000W can heater water up to 75°C within 30 seconds which is insanely fast.. 

Energy Efficiency: Compared to standard electric water heaters, they are very efficient in energy consumption as they don’t need to be in running all the time. But these geysers only need to be turned on when you want to use warm water.

Time for Warm up: It makes up for the continuous water supply by heating water faster, just in 30 seconds, which makes a huge difference in time, when compared to 30 min wait for heating water traditional gas geyser.

Its main benefit is that it only heats the necessary amount of water. Whether you have many family members taking showers or just want hot water for yourself, this unit will keep up indefinitely as long as there are people using it.

Life of Instant Water Geyser

Another reason for picking these geysers is their life. When you make the switch from a traditional water heater to an instant, your heating system can go on for two decades! In fact, some brands offer warranties that are as long as fifteen years. With these longer-lasting units, there is no need to worry about geyser metal corrosion, damaging or losing them completely.

In traditional electric water geysers, poor quality workmanship or materials was used to which their total lifespan was around 10 years.

Brand of Electric Instant Geyser in Pakistan

Each year dozens of new brands appear in the local market of Pakistan. Few of them are good, but many of them provide poor quantity. We have listed Top 3 brands of electric instant water heaters available in Pakistan

Canon Instant Geyser in Pakistan

Which their elegant and sophisticated design, they are one of the finest brands in Pakistan that hold multiple records for being the best seller in the whole Pakistan. 

Singer Plus Instant Geyser in Pakistan

Singer has been providing instant geysers for years, but they closed down their operation in Pakistan in beginning of 2023. Now they have re-branded as Singer Plus instant geysers which are economical in Price. 

Boss Instant Geyser in Pakistan

Boss is one of the leading names in home appliances. They have been around for a long time, and their products are safe because they follow all industry standards to ensure quality, which means you can easily use Boss Geyser. 

Few other local (Nasgas singer) and imported (Japanese) brands also manufacture electric instant geyser

Features of a Good Electric Instant Geyser

In Pakistan, Instant electric geysers are the ultimate product for your household’s needs. It has a range of features that will make your life easier and more comfortable. Below are a few of them

  • Stainless steel body makes them rustproof
  • Leakage-proof (leakage usually happens when we run geyser without any water)
  • A built-in thermostat that helps in Automatic ON & OFF functionality
  • Huge electricity Saver
  • Eco-friendly & Low-cost solution to Coldwater

Built of Instant Geyser

Instant electric geysers mostly have a steel coating on the outer body as they don’t have any tanks. It comes with an overheating indicator (usually an orange light). But you don’t need to worry about overheating this appliance since it’ll let out steam automatically when it heats up to catch up with the rapid demand for water.

There is a thermostat to make sure it is energy-efficient than traditional ones. The copper heat exchanger is usually used for heating up the water (it’s the best heat conductor)

Sizes & Capacity of Instant Electric Geyser

The sizes of water geysers depend on their storage capacity. Electric instant water geyser has mainly 2 sizes, a complete tankless mini geyser but it takes a lot of energy. Local manufactured small tank in form of piper which holds around 1-2 liters of water at a time.

  1. Completely Tankless (Most energy-consuming + Imported brand supplier)
  2. 10 liters/m (1 person)
  3. 15 liters/m (2 People)
  4. 25 liters/m (3-4 People)
  5. 50 liters/m (7-8 People)

Note: Although there is a small tank in local manufacturing the mechanism of instant water remains the same. it just adds to their energy efficiency but increases their size


  • Fast heating process
  • Energy efficient
  • Saving spaces at home
  • Longer lifespan


  • High cost
  • Tankless or limited tank storage
  • Specific temperature
  • Maintenance

Buying Recommendations

There’s just no telling during certain times whether we will be getting electricity or we will face load shedding in Pakistan. These geysers were made for people who have access to electricity all around them 24/7 and are not sure how much money has gone down without being noticed. So if you belong to some small town or village in Pakistan where there is a huge electricity problem, we won’t recommend this to you.