Kenwood Food Factory Price in Pakistan

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Kenwood is one of the international brands known for its innovative food processors. These are powerful and integrated with the latest technology for quick and fine results. Here we are sharing the buying guide of food processors with a detailed analysis of features to get the best one for your place.
Key Features of Kenwood Food Processors
These food processors come with a max 1000 W speed.
They have a variety of attachments with up to 11 processing tools, including stainless steel knife blades, express serve attachments, and interchangeable discs for coarse and refined grinding.
ThermoResist Glass Blender
Kenwood incorporates a ThermoResist glass blender, allowing the user to blend hot and frozen ingredients without damaging the glass. It can withstand thermal shock from one temperature to another.
Speed Select Dial
Food processors have a speed select dial for adjusting speed with 2 speed plus pulse function.
Micro-serrated blade
These blades are made up of stainless steel for precise and refined cutting.
The food processors are available with a 1-year warranty.
Full Safety Interlock
Food processors have full safety interlocks on the bowl itself and will not activate unless engaged properly.
Kenwood Food Processor Price in Pakistan
Prices for food processors vary as per the attachments, but Kenwood has a huge variety from competitive to high-end options.



Kenwood 4 in 1 Juicer Blender Grinder JEP00.400WHRs. 22,000

These are the features of Kenwood food processors in Pakistan. Plastic body food processors are economical and have fewer processing tools than metallic body food processors. Buy food processors as per your kitchen needs. Visit the for buying food processors at the lowest prices.