Electric Oven Price in Pakistan

Starting price of Electric Oven in Pakistan is Rs 13,500. Most expensive Electric Oven can cost you around Rs 122,900 while a normal electric oven can esaily be bought around Rs 44,400.

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As technology has evolved, we are constantly moving form conventional gas ovens to electric oven to bake our food, roast, grill it and for other reasons. In Pakistan, the tend of electric oven is rising and different brands of Pakistan have produced their electric ovens.

So here we will discuss basic features of electric ovens and the criteria that you should consider while buying an electric oven in Pakistan.

Brands of Electric Ovens in Pakistan

Well there are many local brands and non-branded electric oven in the market, but just a few well reputed brands in Pakistan that are as follow.

  • Westpoint
  • Dawlance
  • Kenwood
  • Haier
  • Cambridge
  • Anex
  • Canon

Features of an Electric Oven You Should Look For

While buying an electric oven following are some of the features that you should consider.


The size is one of the important factor that depends on the size of thing that you are going to bake in the oven.

The sizes of oven comes in two different standards. One is in Liters and other is number of 10 inch pizzas. A small electric oven must start form either 30 Liter or one 10 inch pizza size and can go to many timer bigger.

Heating Range

Reading temperature range is a principle feature that you should look in your electric oven. This will directly depict the types and range of recopies that you can cook through this electric oven.

We consider the ideal temperature range for normal home use to be form 0C to 250C.

Timer Setting

A standard electric oven must have a timer of upto 1.5 hours for a large size meal and almost all major brands have at least this timer range.

Heat Direction

As electric ovens uses heating rods (mostly) to heat from different sides of the cabin, an electric oven with heat direction selection option must be preferred.


As there are a large number of models of electric ovens in Pakistan and all of which are imported, its hard to find spare parts or extra accessories separately. So its recommended to consider electric oven along with your required number of accessories.


As there are many locally imported bands and non-branded electric ovens in Pakistan, so you should consider branded electric ovens that come with at least 1 year of warranty.

Types of Electric Ovens Based on Control

There are two types of electric ovens categorized based on its control system.

  1. Mechanical electric oven – which have knobs to control temperature, timer or recipe settings.
  2. Digital electric oven – which have digital control panels with buttons and display to control the temp, timer and recipe settings.

Difference Between Mechanical and Digital Electric Oven

There are three main differences between both types;

  1. Digital electric ovens are more intuitive to use.
  2. Digital electric ovens and more number of built-in recipe settings as compared to mechanical electric ovens – which which rarely have just a few built-in recipe options.
  3. Digital electric oven price in Pakistan is about 35% more than mechanical ovens of same specifications and brand.

Types of Electric Ovens Based on Installation

Based on installation there are again two types;

  1. Table Top Electric oven which have a exposed table top body.
  2. Built-in electric oven which have concealed body inside a cabinet or wall.

Updated List of Electric Ovens in Pakistan 2023

Here is an up-to-date price list of electric ovens in Pakistan which will help you to select the oven as per you pocket.