GFC Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

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The GFC Air Cooler is perfect for the summer heat. They have good name in the fan industry for quite some time. They kept up to their name in room coolers too. Their air coolers are manufactured with high-quality, durable material. Its built-in is such an easy that it ain’t affected by hot weather. They are just perfect for the outdoors.

GFC Air cooler features a high-speed motor that provides greater airflow even in low voltage conditions where most other traditional models fail to deliver results. They come with a highly efficient blade design that helps the user to get a better cooling effect by covering up a larger area without compromising on its strong built quality or durability.

Features of GFC Air Cooler

GFC provides the following feature in its Air Cooler.

  • Less energy consumption
  • 50 liters tank capacity
  • 1420 RPM Fan speed
  • Pure Copper winding
  • Rustproof plastic body
  • Long rage Air throw

GFC Room Cooler Price in Pakistan 2024:

GFC air cooler comes at affordable prices in Pakistan. Their prices are heavily dependent on tank size. A standard (50 Liter) gfc air cooler will room your around 20,000/- PKR.