PEL Oven Price in Pakistan

PEL oven price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 18,800 to Rs 41,900. Being offical dealer of PEL we offer their oven at the most afforable rates. So a good PEL oven from us wouldn't cost you more than Rs 29,400. Some of these commonly sold oven includes, PEL Microwave Oven PMO 25L Convection, PEL Microwave Oven PMO-30 Desire, PEL Microwave Oven PMO-30 Desire and PEL Chef Microwave Oven 26 Ltr - PMO 26 Chef.

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PEL is a Pakistani home appliance manufacturer. They specialize in electronics and produce such items as air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and other appliances.

When you’re looking for microwave ovens to purchase, we’ve compiled a comparison of some of the PEL microwave oven categories to help you make your choice more quickly. To make things easier for you when purchasing one.

Types of PEL Microwave Oven

PEL offers the gorgeous design of Microwave ovens in different forms and features. So, the types of ovens are shown below.

  1. Classic Series / Silverline Series
  2. Desire Series
  3. Glamour Series
  4. Convection Series

These series are placed in such order that the specs increases form 1-4, and so their prices.

PEL Classic / Silverline Microwave Oven (economical series)

These are PEL’s base series that come in two color variants: black and white.

These base series is designed for simpler heating, defrosting, and cooking function that has two mechanical control nobs for timer and function.

While Classic comes in 20liter size, Silverline has 23liter size and their specs are identical.

Because of their simpler usage, these are the cheapest PEL microwave oven in Pakistan.

PEL Desire Microwave Oven (mid-price range series)

Now this is an upgraded PEL’s oven that comes with more advance features and larger size. Firstly, it has a complete digital control panel with digital timer. Then it has 11 built-in recipes and functions that can be accessed by one click. Sizes of this oven ranges form 23liter to 30liter.

Due to its greater sizes and features, its price is relatively higher, still is a mid-range oven.

PEL Glamour Microwave Oven (mid-price range series)

This is handle-less microwave oven with push button to open the oven door. It has elegant grey design, and its sizes varies from 30liter to 38liter.

In terms of features, it is same as that of Desire series, so are its prices. Thereby, this also falls in mid-price range category.


PEL Convection Microwave Oven (flagship series)

Now, this is PEL’s high end variant that has much advanced features. First, it has a built-in grill. Thus, this can also do baking and you can make pizza, cake, roast, etc in it very conveniently. Secondly it has state of the art convection technology that gives uniform heating and thus microbial safety.

This microwave oven comes with digital display, and buttons and knob. Also it has single variant that comes in 25liter size.

On the price point of view, this PEL oven is most expensive and advanced oven of all.

Prices of PEL Microwave Ovens in Pakistan

Here is a complete price list of PEL microwave oven in Pakistan.