PEL Microwave Oven PMO Desire 26

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Express Cooking

Six power levels

Quick Defrost

Clock Function

Capacity 26Ltr

Child Lock

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
Delivery: In 1-2 working days with COD


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Brand: PEL
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PEL Microwave Oven PMO Desire 26 price in pakistan starts from Rs. 27,700 and is offered by Shopping Jin. Its estimated average selling price is Rs. 30,600. Its premium model can be easily bought under Rs. 33,500. During last couple of weeks, almost 34% online stores have increased price of PEL Microwave Oven PMO Desire 26 by ⇧  3% (Rs. 1,000), but Shopping Jin is still selling this product at previous price, allowing you to save ⇩   Rs. 1,000. So hurry up and buy now while the stock lasts

PEL enters the scene to serve you with the most desired oven, don’t worry, it won’t leave any microwaves behind either. This little beauty will see your dinner from raw to ready in half the time, And don’t let 26L Capacity scare you, just 3 minutes and voila chicken pakora appetizers for six people with extra dipping sauce.

This Desire 26 Oven is 25% faster than other ovens. With six power levels and quick defrost, there’s no more waiting for your meal to finish cooking or those errant day leftovers to dry out without heat. How about express cooking, manual operation, and the handy grilling function? No one likes flipping between different buttons just to set their food. With this oven, you can let the device do all the work. This Desire 26 Oven is a good indication of how hungry we are? Double pressing the button launches a countdown timer need; at this point, you won’t have any problems with overcooked streaks again either as an easy-to-read digital clock keeps track of time for up to 24 hours.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Power Levels.
  • Manual Operation.
  • Express Cooking.
  • 2 Year Warranty.
  • 26L Capacity.
  • Grill Function.
  • Jet Defrost.

Product Details:

Brand PEL
model Desire 26
Capacity 26 Liters
Power Input 220~240V
Frequency 2450 MHz
Watts Input 1200
Watts Output 700
Grill Yes
Bake no
Heat no
Color Black/White
Outside Measurements(W x D x H) 17.8″ x 12.9″ x 10.3″
Inside Measurements(W x D x H) 12.4″ x 11″ x 7.7″
Tray Diameter 9.7″
weight 10.5 KG
Analog Yes
Digital No
Manual / Button No
Warranty 2 Years

Shipping Jin offers best prices of PEL Microwave Oven PMO Desire 26 in Pakistan. Please have a look at wholesale prices of PEL Oven This PEL Conventional Oven comes with origonal claimable PEL warranty. If you have any furthur issues regarding warranty, feel free to contact us. We will always provide you the Lowest Price of Conventional Oven all over the pakistan

3 reviews for PEL Microwave Oven PMO Desire 26

  1. Muhammad imran

    What does power level means??for making pizza which powerlevel is to be selectef??20% ,60% ,80% or 100%??and pizza is made on grill mode or micro mode?

    • Shopping Jin

      Sorry, but we can’t help as we personally haven’t made pizza in this oven. please seek help from their instruction manual. You might find some answers there

  2. Maha

    Can we bake in this oven

    • Shopping Jin

      No ma’am

      for baking oven, select one from our baking oven section

  3. Jehangir Baber (verified owner)

    Good product children bake many items pizza cake kabab

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