PEL Refrigerator Price in Pakistan

PEL refrigerator price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 49,500 to Rs 92,500. Being offical dealer of PEL we offer their refrigerator at the most afforable rates. So a good PEL refrigerator from us wouldn't cost you more than Rs 71,700. We sell geuine and origonal products of PEL whose warranties can be claimed from the offical service center of PEL.

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PEL, with vision to provide range of consumer appliances in Pakistan at economical price, has a wide range of refrigerators models and sizes. PEL has one of the largest variety of refrigerators for Pakistani market, therefore, it might be confusing sometimes to select a single refrigerator according to your requirements.

But don’t worry, we will help you to select a PEL refrigerator as per your requirement. In the following section, we will overview all Series of PEL refrigerator in Pakistan, their features and price value. In this way you would get a clear picture of not only specs but also of PEL refrigerator price in Pakistan.

Common Features of PEL Refrigerators

Here are some features of PEL refrigerators that are shared by all its series.

  1. All refrigerator of PEL perform on R134a refrigerant gas with food friendly ABS inner cabin.
  2. All of them has 99.9% copper condenser that improves life and performance.
  3. Furthermore, their fast-cooling freezes ice in just 25 minutes.
  4. Above all, PEL refrigerators come with 10 year compressor warranty all around Pakistan.

Series of PEL Refrigerators in Pakistan

PEL has a large series of refrigerators that includes:

  1. Single Door Refrigerator / Bedroom Refrigerator
  2. Life Pro Series
  3. Turbo LVS Series
  4. Desire Glass Door Series
  5. InverterOn VCM Series / Curved Glass Door Series

The specifications and price of PEL refrigerator increases form 1-6, with the latest InverterOn series being the most advanced and expensive one.

PEL Refrigerators Price in Pakistan

Bedroom Size Refrigerator / Single Door Refrigerator

PEL bedroom size fridge is especially designed for your bedrooms that comes in charcoal grey color and two different size variations. These bedroom sized fridges also include a small freezer compartment inside.

Sizes of PEL Bedroom Fridge

This series comes in two sizes of 110 liter and 140 liter (4cuft and 5cuft).

Life Pro Series

This is PEL’s base model of standard PEL refrigerator with top freezer that comes in two color variations: metallic grey and golden brown. It has a handle less design with metallic outlook.

Life Pro refrigerator comes with no LVS and no inverter technology, therefor it has the lowest price.

Sizes of PEL Lifer Pro Series

This Pel refrigerator series has largest number of sizes that ranges from 168 liter to 440 liter (6cuft – 16cuft).

Turbo LVS

This is more updated model that also comes in tow colors: glossy beige and pattern grey that have metallic texture and side handle. This refrigerator also has a low voltage start-up (LVS) system that eliminates the need of separate stabilizer.

The most prominent feature of this refrigerator is that has turbo fan inside the cabin that gives faster uniform cooling throughout the cabin.

Due to its LVS and faster cooling technique, PEL Turbo LVS refrigerator prices is relatively higher than Life pro, still it falls in low price range bracket.

Sizes of PEL Turbo LVS Series

This series is available in just 4 sizes ranging from 240 liter to 340 liter (8cuft – 12cuft).

Desire Glass Door

Now we have mid price range PEL refrigerator that is perhaps its most famous series. This model has, first of all, glass door that comes in three elegant designs: red blaze, purple blaze and maroon galaxy.

Apart form design, this ref also includes LVS and Turbo fan, however, the speed of its fan is 20% higher that gives even faster uniform cooling.

It also has some advance features like deodorizing the cabin air and LUMI fresh technology that uses light to keep fruit fresh for longer time.

This model certainly has some major improvements, for which the price of this PEL refrigerator series falls in mid-range category.

Sizes of PEL Desire GD Series

This PEL ref series also has largest number of sizes that ranges from 168 liter to 440 liter(6cuft – 16cuft).

InverterOn Series VCM / Curved Glass Door

Lastly, we have PEL’s flagship refrigerator series that has most advanced features. Besides the aforementioned features, it includes inverter technology that can save upto Rs5000 annually. Apart for this, due to inverter technology, this ref is also compatible with UPS, solar and generator power supply.

This series comes in two design variations between VCM and Glass Door designs. The VCM design is somewhat like that of Life pro with charcoal grey and gold silk color. While its glass door design is curved and available in maroon blaze, purple blaze, mercury mirror and red blaze colors.

On the price point, PEL InverterOn price in Pakistan is comparatively most expensive. While its VCM design is cheaper that Curved GD design.

Sizes of PEL InverterOn Series

Lastly sizes of this series vary form 240 liter to 440 liter (8cuft – 16cuft).

PEL Refrigerator Price in Pakistan: Updated Price List 2024

The starting price of PEL bedroom ref is about Rs31,999 and that of Pro Life is Rs39.299. Then the minimum price of PEL inverter refrigerator in Pakistan is Rs47,999. Here is a complete price list of PEL refrigerators in Pakistan, including all models and sizes.

You will find that PEL refrigerator price in Pakistan is exceptionally lower when you buy form Shoppingjin and you can easily save a couple of thousand rupees.


As PEL is very straight forward for its ref specifications, prices and sizes, you can easily select your required ref. For bedroom it has bedroom series, for standard use it has Life Pro and Turbo LVS series. Also, it has elegant Glass Door series in variation of inverter and non-inverter that add aesthetics to you place.