Hand Blender Price in Pakistan

Starting price of Hand Blender in Pakistan is Rs 2,400. Most expensive Hand Blender can cost you around Rs 35,500 while a normal hand blender can esaily be bought around Rs 12,700.

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Hand blenders, also known as immersion blenders, usually come with a cord, but now some brands have introduced cordless versions. These are one of those kitchen appliances which make your work easier and time-saving. These handheld tools blend juices, soups, sauces, and other liquids. Best hand blenders are electric hand blenders that don’t require manual effort. If you are planning to buy hand blenders, this buying guide will help make the best decision.

How Does A Hand Blender Work?

The working principle of a hand blender is quite simple. As the motor runs, it starts rotating the shaft and the blades. When submerged in the liquid, the blades quickly break down and blend solid ingredients. With the variation of speed, a hand blender achieves good consistency in the blended food ingredients.

Advantages of Hand Blenders

Hand blenders offer several benefits over traditional countertop blenders and food processors:


These are lightweight, compact, and easy to handle, making them ideal for small kitchens and for those who don’t have a lot of storage space. They can also be used directly in the cooking pot, which saves time.

Low Power Consumption

These hand blenders are a great way to save on your electric bills. A hand mixer suitable for blending and mixing usually consumes 400-800W, mostly electric hand grinders, which are only around 200W to 250W.


Hand blenders come with various attachments and accessories, such as whisk attachments, chopper attachments, and blending cups. It can be used for various tasks, such as blending, chopping, and pureeing.


They allow you to control the speed and texture of your blend, giving you more control over the result, which is useful when making soups, smoothies, or sauces.

Easy to Use

Hand blenders are easy to use to save time without transferring ingredients from one container to another.

Easy to Clean

Hand blenders are easy to clean with detachable parts that can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand.

Quiet Operation

Hand blenders are quieter than countertop blenders because they have smaller motors and are not required to blend large quantities of ingredients at high speeds.

Types of Hand Blenders according To Speed Levels

There are the following types of hand blenders according to speed:


These hand blenders are common hand blenders with low and high speeds modes. Low speed is suitable for soft blending while high speed is perfect for tougher ingredients blending.


Some hand blenders use 3 types of speeds, including low, medium, and high. Usually 2 speed or 3-speed hand blenders are commonly used in Pakistan.


Regarding 5-speed hand blenders, they use low, medium-low, medium-high, and high-speed settings to offer versatility in blending.

What To Look For In A Hand Blender While Buying?

There are the following aspects that need to consider while buying a hand blender:


The power of the hand blender’s motor is essential as it affects its performance and stability in handling tough ingredients. You will have the maximum 400W-800W range in the hand blenders.

Speed and Control

Most hand blenders come with one or two-speed settings in Pakistan, but some models may offer more. Always look for a blender with variable speed control to adjust the speed for different tasks.


The quality and design of the blender’s blades can impact its performance. Always look for a model with sharp and durable stainless steel blades designed to handle the hard ingredients.


Hand blenders can come with various attachments, such as whisk attachments, chopper attachments, and blending cups.

Pulse Function

This common feature gives short bursts of power to help distribute the load and even consistency.

Recommended Brands in Pakistan

As per the above recommendations, there are the following hand blenders brand in Pakistan:

  • Braun
  • Philips
  • Kenwood
  • Anex
  • Westpoint
  • Panasonic
  • Geepas
  • Sencor

Price Analysis of hand blenders in Pakistan

Hand blenders prices in Pakistan can vary depending on the brand, model, and features.

  • Affordable hand blenders have basic features such as one or two-speed settings and may come with only a few attachments like blending wand or whisk attachments.
  • Hand blenders in the mid-range price have more features, such as multiple speed settings and blending cups.
  • High-end hand blenders are more powerful with advanced features such as a turbo button, cordless design, and multiple attachments.

Best Hand Blender Prices in Pakistan Mar 2024

Here are the lowest hand blender prices of different brands available in Pakistan.



Anex AG-129 2 in 1 800W Deluxe Hand BlenderRs. 8,350
Anex AG-128 800W Deluxe Hand BlenderRs. 7,500
Anex AG-209 3 in 1 500W Deluxe Hand BlenderRs. 9,750
Panasonic Hand Blender MX-GS1Rs. 10,599
Braun Hand Blender MQ 100PRs. 7,499
Braun Hand Blender MQ 3035 2 in 1Rs. 17,500
Braun Hand Blender MQ 5245 WH 3 in 1Rs. 24,500
WestPoint Hand Blender 3 in 1 WF-4201Rs. 10,450

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