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Panasonic has earned its name all around the world due to its quality products. Recently Panasonic air conditioner has been added to its large product line-up. Because of the long duration of summers in Pakistan, getting or selecting an air conditioner is a challenging task, and the Pansonic air conditioner, powered with T3 compressor, is the ideal AC to fight the heat.

Series of Panasonic AC: Complete Specifications

There is only one Panasonic inverter ac model that is available in Pakistan. Here is its detail review and specs.

4D Air flow

These ACs come with a large outdoor, so they help it in throwing the air long. It throws the air equally in all directions perfectly.

Turbo Cooling

The great feature of this inverter ac, it does not throw only cool air it also throws a cool shower so the room is quickly cooled. Another advantage of this ac is that the air does not touch people directly, but cools the entire room.

T3 Compressor

There are many AC manufacturers that fool the customer by quoting T3 conditions. However, Panasonic is among the few who provide actual T3 compressor (rather than conditions). Due to this technology, you can enjoy powerful cooling even in hot summers upto 60C ambient temperature.


There is a gold fin condenser is used in it which helps to prevent any kind of corrosion. All its parts are highly durable and it has a sturdy design.

Work on Low Voltage and Low Ampere

The interesting thing about this Panasonic inverter AC is that it can quickly run at low voltages of up to 150V as well as Low Ampere upto 1.5A, making it ideal for places where low voltage is a problem.

Moreover, due to this LVS and LAS systems, this Panasonic inverter ac is also compatible with solar, UPS and even generator.


Panasonic ACs have come in three different sizes.

  • 1 Ton
  • 5 Ton
  • 2 Ton


Is Panasonic Inverter AC good?

Panasonic is famous for its advanced technology, which includes the use of long-lasting components and the creation of high-functioning appliances. The amount of sensor data needed for optimal cooling is unparalleled.

What is the price of Panasonic AC?

Due to its high quality and true T3 compressor, Panasonic ac price in Pakistan is comparatively higher. However, it offers great value for money.  The price of the Panasonic ac is varied in size. For example, Panasonic 1.5 ton AC price in Pakistan is about Rs1,37,000 in 2023. However you can find it on discounted price when buying form shoppingjin.

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