Kemei Hair Trimmer Price in Pakistan

Kemei hair trimmer price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 1,400 to Rs 4,400. Being offical dealer of Kemei we offer their hair trimmer at the most afforable rates. So a good Kemei hair trimmer from us wouldn't cost you more than Rs 2,700. Some of these commonly sold hair trimmer includes, Kemei KM-5017 Professional Hair Clipper, Kemei Rechargeable Electric Hair Trimmer km-227, Kemei Rechargeable Electric Hair Trimmer km-227 and Kemei 12 In 1 Electric Shaver For Men KM-671.

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Regular trimming and stylizing of men’s hair is very important to groom your personality and manage your facial and body hairs. Only a suitable and perfectly designed hair trimmer would perfect the suitable look on you face and make you not only look but also feel confident, stylized and well groomed.

As Kemei is one of the top and famous trimmers manufactures in the world that produces a lot of trimmers, this article would help you to select your best Kemei hair trimmer. Not only the features, but Kemei hair trimmer price in Pakistan would also be discussed and analyzed in the latter section.

Range of Kemei Hair Trimmers

Kemei produced a range of hair trimmers, which might be a single facial and head hair trimmer, or a grooming kit with additional trimmer heads like Kemei 3 in 1 hair trimmer or 5 in 1, and so on.

For a comprehensive yet in-depth price value analysis the Kemei, they are divided as;

  1. Single Kemei hair trimmer
  2. Kemei 3 in 1 hair trimmer
  3. Kemei 5 in 1 hair trimmer
  4. Kemei 7 in 1 hair trimmer
  5. Kemei 11 in 1 hair trimmer

Single Kemei hair trimmer

Kemmei makes it single hair trimmers for facial and head hair trimming and cutting. The Single Kemei Trimmer Price in Pakistan starts form

Kemei Professional Electric Hair Clipper

For professional use on head hair, Kemei has it range of professional hair clippers designed mainly for barbers. These trimmers have adjustable taper lever to adjust cutting lengths more efficiently. Kemei has two most famous models in this category.

Kemei KM-1400

First is Kemei KM-1400, which is to be directly used through AC power supply and comes with 3 ft long fixed cord. It has adjustable cutting lengths from 0.1 – 3mm and 4.5 inch wider blade head that give more speed and control. Also, it has two additional guide comes that makes the length more adjustable for short haircut. While motor power of personal hair trimers usually ranges from 3W to 5W this trimmer has power of 10W that gives more power for neat and clean hair cut even for much thicker and curlier hairs. Thus, it gives high precision and power to barber on variety of hairs.

KM-1986 +PG

For rechargeable professional trimming, Kemei has its KM-1986 +PG. It has 2200mah lithium-ion battery that charges in 3 hours and can be used for 300 minutes continuously. It also has a led for real time battery display. Rest of the specs are same as that of KM-1400

Whereas the price of Kemei trimmer KM1400 in Pakistan is highly economical the price of latter KM-1986 trimmer is double as that of former.

Kemei Personal Beard Trimmer

If you are looking for a trimmer, especially for your facial hairs, then Kemei has a wide range foy you. These trimmer has power of 3W and bettery timing of over 40 minutes continuous operation. They are lighter and easier to carry with self-sharpening blades. Above all, they have very low noise and vibration operation, that feels more comfortable and relaxed trimming.

KM-5017 Hair Clipper (or 5071)

The most famous personal hair clipper of Kemei is. This hair clipper is also the cheapest that Kemei produced in this category. Whine most of beard hair trimmers of other brands comes with only one comb, Kemei 5017 hair clipper comes with four different guide combs with solid 8 position steps, that enables you to adjust different contours and lengths of your beard.

KM-5018 Hair Clipper

KM-5017 is great but KM-5018 is greater. Best thing about it is that it is completely water resistant. With its fully washable body, it is much easier to keep you trimmer clean.  It also has much elegant design that comes in a quiet decent price.

KM-1610 Hair Clipper

KM-1610 is much advance hair clipper that certainly outstands all other Kemei trimmers in design and built quality. It has a dial-ring that gives you 19 precision setting, making its trimming length adjustable form 1-10mm. Additionally it has a led display of battery health, that’s one of the primary features that I personally look while buying hair clipper.

KM-5013 Hair Clipper

It is another option with adjustable dial-ring, but at much lesser price than KM-1610 as it lacks battery health indicator. It has a mat black finished trimmer also has 19 precision points and comes with additional two comb attachments. First comb can be adjusted to lengths in range 1-10mm while second can be adjusted to lengths in range 11-20mm. I personally recommend the shorter comb for facial hairs while the longer comb for head hair.

Kemei 3 in 1 Hair Trimmer

When hair trimmer comes with changeable heads, it becomes a grooming kit. These grooming kits offer a lot more in terms of value against money, because you don’t have to buy separate machine-like trimmer, shaver, nose hair trimmer, etc. All these needs can be satisfied in a grooming kit.

On the performance perspective Kemei 3 in 1 trimer are great and much economical option for multifunctional trimming.

Kemei 5 in 1 Grooming Kit

If you have a bit more budget, Kemei 5 in 1 trimmer is highly recommended. Its ha not only more trimming options but also has enhanced built quality and performance. Here is an account of two of Kemei’s 5 in 1 hair clipper modes.

Also in our experience, this 5 in 1 category is far superior than any other in terms of built quality, design and performance, therefor is also most expensive.

KM-690 5 in 1 Grooming Kit

The simpler 5 in 1 Kemei Kit is KM-690. It ha a sleek black design with blue contrast, that comes with 5 add on clippers. These clipper heads include standard trimmer, precision trimmer, nose hair trimmer, epilator, and shaver heads.

It has additional turbo trimming option that can cut hairs with much more power and speed. It also has a push adjustable guide comb that has size range of 1-10mm.

Thus, it no not only recommended for facial and head hair grooming, but for complete body hair grooming, and with this set, you don’t have to go to a saloon anymore.

It has a longer battery life and it completely charges in 1.5 hours and can be continuously used for 1.5 hours as well.

On the price point, it is double as that of 3 in 1 and single trimmers, however, adds much value to your trimmer package.

KM-696 5 in 1 Grooming Kit

This is more advance option that is perhaps the most noticeable and outstanding design in the Kemei hair trimmers and is widely exchanged by other brands as well. So, it would be no surprise that you find similar product with other reputed brand names.

It has a 19 precision position dial ring on top of it, that gives length adjustment of the guide comb form 1-10mm. The package includes 5 exchangeable heads:  regular hair trimmer, precision hair trimmer, nose hair clipper, epilator, and shaver.

Its battery performance is also great, that has been a great concern for trimmer users. Its battery charges in just 1.5 hour and once battery is full, it can be continuously used for 90 minutes.

Another rare feature of this machine is that it gives a real time battery health display in digits. It also has a travel lock features that prevents accidental operation while traveling.

However, due to its much advance features, it is about Rs1000 more expensive than earlier KM-690 model.

Kemei 7 in 1 Grooming Kit

This grooming kit actually has 4 changeable heads: regular trimmer, precision trimmer, shaver and nose hair trimmer. Additionally, it has 3 different clippers, that makes it 7 in 1 grooming kit. Therefore, it can also be referred as to 4 in 1 kit.

It has very sleek and light weight design with additionally turbo trimming option. This makes easier to trim more hard, curlier or smaller hairs, and gives a much neater trimming.

Complete charging time of this machine is about 5 hours and this trimmer, when completely charged, can be used for over 40 minutes continuously.

On the price point it is just Rs1000 more expensive than much simpler 3 in 1 trimmer.

Kemei 11 in 1 Grooming Kit

Finally, Kemei has it ultimate grooming kit with 11 in 1 options, however their prices are still competitive. There two Kemei 11 in 1 trimmers discussed as follow:

KM-600 11 in 1 Grooming Kit

This KM-600 includes 6 different head attachments with 5 different guide combs making total of 11 features. The changeable heads include regular trimmer, precision trimmer, beard trimmer, body trimmer, shaver, and nose hair trimmer. There are 4 comb attachments for regular trimmer head and 1 for beard trimmer head.

The unique thing about this machine is that only this machine comes with a body hair trimmer and there is no other Kemei model with this head. Therefor, those who require a dedicated body hair trimmer, this might be the only suitable option for them.

Performance wise, this machine has a lightweight body and powerful motor of 3W that works fine on variety of hairs with quieter sound.

Surprisingly, this kit falls in mid-price range bracket and does not costs over Rs4000 in any case. In terms of value, it is much higher for what you are paying.

KM-5031 11 in 1 Grooming Kit

This model comes with much more ergonomic and stylish design with a blend of three colors: silver, black and blue/red. This 11 in 1 kit also features 6 different head attachments and 5 guide combs. It also has a lithium ion battery (same as KM-600) that has 2 hour charging and 2 hours usage time.

It has two different shavers: regular 3 blade shaver and a smaller detail shaver. Then it has three different trimmers: regular, beard, and precision, and lastly a nose hair trimmer. Finally, it has same 4 guide combs (3, 6, 9, and 12mm) for regular trimmer and 1 for beard trimmer.

In terms of price, it is quite same as that of KM-600 and offers somewhat same value. The only difference between them is design and difference of single head attachment – body hair trimmer vs detail shaver.

Latest Price of Kemei Trimmer in Pakistan in 2023

Prices of Kemei trimmer is comparatively, low especially when you are buying form Shoppinhjin. Here is an updated list of latest Kemei Trimmer prices for year 2023.