National Geyser Price in Pakistan

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National, is one of the pioneers in home appliances manufactures astonishing geysers for Pakistani people. Let’s have a review of a type of national geysers

Types Of National Geysers

There are 3 types of national geysers are available in the market.

National Gas Geyser

National simple geysers are gas-saving because a thermostat is used in them. These are rust-free because their body makes with pre-painted Galvanized Sheets. Powder Coating is used to save the geyser from weather effects ( Sun reflect).

National Electric & Gas Geysers

National hybrid geysers come with electric and gas modes so you can warm the water with any mode. They can heat the water in a few minutes. Its adjustable gauges provide you with complete control over the temperature, allowing you to set it exactly to your liking.

National Instant Geysers

These come with both instant electric and gas geysers options so you can switch easily one of them. These are energy efficient and save your electric bills.

Prices of National Water Geyser in Pakistan 2024:

national water geysers aren’t expensive like other manufacturers. You can get their standard size gas geyser (30 liters) around 30,000 PKR. if you looking for a cheap option, you can get national tankless water heaters.