Delivery & Orders

For any Best Online Shopping Store, besides providing best prices, Quality Shopping experience and top notch customer support, one must also work on the delivery process. That’s why Shopping Jin is continuously working on providing fast, safe and free delivery to our customers across Pakistan.

We keep our delivery process completely transparent. We have made deals with all reliable couriers companies in Pakistan. Our MOU has allowed us to offer best delivery with cash on delivery service. Please find below important information regarding our delivery process, time, charges & tracking.

Delivery Process

Our delivery process comprises of 2 important phases, dispatch & Deliver. Each phase have different responsibilities and departments.

Phase 1 – Dispatch

  1. Once you place your order, it gets updated in our system and our sales rep calls you within a couple of hours for its confirmation.
  2. Once your order and other details are confirmed via call, we will start process it. We make sure that product meet all our quality guidelines.
  3. Once our Quality checks are completed we double pack the parcel for extra protection and dispatch the product through our delivery partners. 

These steps completes our dispatch phase. It usually takes us from 24-48 hours to hand over the parcel to our trusted delivery partner. After the handover we share the delivery tracking code with our customer on WhatsApp and via email.

What is asked during order confirmation call?

We face huge amount of fake orders by our competitors that’s why we have to confirm that order was placed by legit person. The call is primary about 3-4 things. 

  1. Confirm that you still need the order
  2. Confirm you active phone no & delivery address correct
  3. Confirm the product availability and price
  4. Ask for Preferred freight method
  5. Updated you regarding total delivery charges of your order?

Phase 2 – Deliver:

  1. Based on your desired delivery method, out delivery partner collects the parcel and hand it to their office, where it gets scanned and your order tracking status gets updated. 
  2. Delivery partner’s logistic team then sorts the fastest and safest delivery route. On its finalization your order gets shipped to their office which is nearest to your location.
  3. Once you parcel is in or around your city, you are informed by our delivery partner and they confirm your availability via call. After confirmation, their rider arrives on designated time and hand over the parcel to you

The delivery process takes around 1-4 working days. Please note that during receiving process, if you have opted for cash on delivery, then you hand over the cash to their rider. Also note that delivery person isn’t allowed to open the parcel for security reason. Nor can he allow you to open the parcel before paying him.

How to ensure I am receiving right product without opening the box ?

To ensure that our customers receive genuine products, we will be sharing product videos in advance. You can also view our proven record of working online on our testimonial page.

What to do if delivery guys has opened the parcel ?

You can deny the acceptance of parcel if you find that the rider has opened the parcel. If the packing is broken you can simply give us a courtesy call and decline the acceptance of parcel.

What happens if I missed the call from the rider ?

If you missed the call from rider, please wait, rider will try to contact you again. If you are unable to attend the call 3 times then we are notified about it and you parcel gets returned to us. After 3 time consecutive failure we personally contact customer to sort out the delivery issue.

Delivery Partners:

Shopping Jin has officially signed MOU with best courier companies including TCS, Daewoo, Leopard, TRAX, Swyft and other 3 party cargo and postage companies. Having multiple delivery partners allows us to dispatch you orders swiftly, safely & timely. These deliver partners gurantees safe and fast delivery of your orders. 

If delivery partner does some mistake, how shopping jin covers for it?

Sometimes mishaps happens from our delivery partners and we are suffering along with customer. But Shopping jin cares for its customer and tries it best to resolve the issue. In past we have even gone to such extents; sending same parcel again via different delivery partner just because the previous one misplaced or has delayed your delivery. We had also taken strict action against such provider and black listed them from our delivery system.

If delivery partner lost or delayed my partner, will shopping jin be held liable?

Shopping Jin cannot tries its best to resolve any issue made by our delivery partner. But we can’t be held liable for late delivery by third-party postal/courier companies due to political instability or unforeseen weather condition in Pakistan. We always try our best to to send your order via most reliable and fastest courier and would do best to compensate you for your loose.

Types of Deliveries:

Shopping Jin provides multiple delivery options for its customers. If we clsassify them, we would be able to categories them into 2 main types

Door to Door Delivery

Overnight: This is our express delivery mode, where delivery is done within a day (same day delivery). This is expensive as your delivery would be prioritized and multiple mode of delivery include shipment by air is also included to ensures that you receive you products ASAP.

Overland: This is our normal delivery mode where parcels are sent over the land. This is slower as compared to overnight shipment, but its cost effective. At the very best, you can expect your order to arrive next day.

Self-Pick up

Cargo: This Is super cost effective way of delivering large product like AC, Cooler, Fridge etc at the fraction of price. Here products are sent from one city to another city and the receiver has to pickup product from the cargo collection point without leaving their city. This is the cheapest delivery option by far. 

Local-Pick Up: This method is always free. We will pack your product at our warehouse and you can pick it up yourself from our collection point.

Delivery Time

The estimated average delivery time across Pakistan is from 2 to 4 working days. However, in some cases we try to give same day delivery. These delivery timings are just an estimate, during sales or events, delivery times may exceed due to high volume order logs, political affairs, or environmental epidemics.

How to remove delays in my order?

If you don’t want delays in the delivery then make sure that

  1. You have provided the correct contact information (number and email).
  2. You have to informed us earlier about your receivable timing.
  3. You have to confirm order by sending the delivery charges in advance ASAP, so we can start processing your order.
  4. Based on your need you are given option to opt for overnight delivery

What to do If I urgently need my product ?

In case of urgency, you need to inform us before the dispatch (on confirmation call), so we can ship it overnight (under 48 hours). For this service, extra delivery charges will be applied.

Delivery Charges

We proudly claim that shopping jin never earn anything from delivery charges. We never overcharge delivery, so all delivery charges are calculated on the runtime according to your destination and preferred fright method. We only charge you, what we are paying to our partner courier service.

Although we try our best to give your relief on delivery charges and offer free delivery on few products, but sometimes our hands are tied due to huge delivery charges. So we charge minimal delivery charges 

How delivery charges are calculates?

All delivery partner calculate Delivery charges based on two parameters, either volumetrically or by weight (whichever is greater). We have a base price charged per Kg. and minimum starting weight weight (which is 1kg most of the time). 
Eg: if we are getting charges 100 Rs per kg. Minimum weight threshold is 2kg. and we are sending 0.5kg item. Then we would be charges 200 Rs instead of 50 Rs.

If I don’t receive my parcel, will you refund me My DC?

No, delivery charges aren’t refundable. Your parcel would be returned to us and you’ll have to submit the delivery charges again, if you want the parcel. 

How does shopping jin collect delivery charges ?

All delivery charges must be made in advance via Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, or bank transfer for order confirmation. This policy is in place to prevent fraudulent transactions. These charges are non-refundable. 

Order tracking

  1. Once your order is confirmed, you can track your order by tracking number on the respective courier website. Tracking code is sent on whastapp and email.
  2. You can also visit our order tracking page to track your order for dispatching updates.
  3. If you do not receive any tracking updates, please contact us at +92311 0412804 or open up an issue via email

Want to Cancel or Amend your order?

You can revise your order or cancel it by calling our Customer Services team on +92311 0412804 (10 am – 10 pm, PKT Mon-Sat) or emailing us at If the order hasn’t already been dispatched, we’ll be happy to assist you. For more details please visit out return policy page