Westpoint Air Fryer Price in Pakistan

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Original price was: ₨43,830.Current price is: ₨42,070.

Westpoint, being a major brand of kitchen appliances, has its own series of air fryers in Pakistan which is gaining great popularity due to their great price value.

Types of Westpoint Air Fryers in Pakistan

Westpoint offers both types of air fryers in Pakistan which are as follow:

  • Basket Air Fryer
  • Oven Air Fryer

Basket Air Fryer

Westpoint offers two variations of basket air fryers. The first is a 1450Watt model with manual control knobs for temperature and timer settings. The second, a more advanced 1900Watt air fryer, features a digital control panel with numerous LED indicators. Both models include a timer controller with at least a 30-minute range and can reach temperatures up to 200°C.

Oven Air Fryer

This is just like a traditional electric oven with an additional feature of air frying. When compared to basket air fryer, it has a much larger compartment with higher temperature range of upto 230° C

Westpoint have a relatively economical price in Pakistan when compared to other reputed brands.

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Features of Westpoint Air Fryer

Following are some of the common features of Westpoint air fryers.

  • Westpoint air fryers offer a 2-year warranty, the longest among top brands in Pakistan.
  • Convenient temperature and timer control for precise cooking.
  • Non-stick pots and baskets for easy cleaning and hygiene.


If you want to buy a economical air fryer yet of a reputed brand in Pakistan, then Westpoint is a good option. It have a series of standard air fryers with basic features and 2 year of country wide warranty.