GREE AC Price in Pakistan

GREE ac price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 140,400 to Rs 389,900. Being offical dealer of GREE we offer their ac at the most afforable rates. So a good GREE ac from us wouldn't cost you more than Rs 301,800. We sell geuine and origonal products of GREE whose warranties can be claimed from the offical service center of GREE.

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Gree is considered one of the world’s most famous AC manufacturing companies, based in Zhuhai, China. The reason for this is that it makes no compromise on the quality of the air conditioners.
Gree Pakistan was founded in 2006 that has been manufacturing wide range of home appliances ever since, with specialty in air conditioners.

Gree Wall Mount AC Series
1. Gree Pular Series (DC Inverter AC)

This mid-range inverter series of Gree has a simple design with two color variations – white and grey.

This series comes with variations of Wi-Fi-enabled and disabled models.

Also, it has the same 1 meter big indoor but has comparatively smaller outdoor. Therefore, it has a bit more economical price when compared to the Fairy series.

2. Gree Fairy Series (DC Inverter AC)

Gree Fairy series is a Flagship series with an elegant curved design and three different colors – champagne, grey, and white, and several designs.

It comes with big indoor and outdoor, hence has the highest cooling & heating capacity. Also, it has optional Wi-Fi for smart operations.

In terms of performance, Gree Fairy AC is the most powerful compressor and bigger indoor & outdoor, therefore it has a higher cooling capacity than its other models.

Therefore, this flagship model is also Pakistan’s most expensive DC inverter AC.

Gree DC Inverter AC Features

Gree Floor Standing AC Series

1. T Fresh Series (DC Inverter AC)

This floor-standing ac has a traditional design outlook with advanced features like a Wi-Fi option. Moreover, it comes with two options: cool only model and heat & cool model.

2. I Shine Series (DC Inverter AC)

This model has a modern curved artistic column design with a champagne color and modern features like Wi-Fi, a heat & cool option, and U shaped evaporator. For which, this Gree series is much more expensive than T Fresh Series.

3. Fixed Speed Series (Non-inverter AC)

This traditional non-inverter series comes with wide variation in designs, but with similar specifications.  The CD model is cool only model, while the rest of the models: CDH and FWH are heat and cool. This series is the cheapest among the Gree floor standing ac series.

Latest Price of Gree AC in Pakistan in JUn 2024

Market prices of Gree products are usually high. For instance, Gree 1 ton AC price starts from about PKR 133,999. For Gree 1.5 ton AC, it starts from PKR 1,86,999. And for Gree 2-ton AC, the starting price is about PKR 2,79,999. These prices would definitely be high for higher models.

However, prices for Gree AC are the lowest at Shoppingjin. Here is an updated list of Gree AC prices for JUn 2024:



Gree Pular Series 1ton/1.5ton/2ton DC Inverter AC (PITH11G/PITH11W)Rs. 140,499

Gree AC General Specifications

Talking about the General specifications of Gree AC, we have listed the following features:

  1. Generation 10 (G10) Inverter technology that gives high-temperature precision and noise control
  2. Dual Stage compressor that enables quick heating and cooling.
  3. Low voltage start keeps AC operational even at 150V
  4. Cold plasma generator for self-cleaning
  5. i-Feel to display room temperature
  6. Heat & Cool operation
  7. 60% Saving (energy-efficient class A)
  8. fireproof PCB
  9. Built-in air filter
  10. 4-D air flow
  11. Auto Clean Function
  12. Optional Wi-Fi feature
  13. R410 gas

Gree ACs Warranty & Sizes

While buying ACs, not only prices but warranties must also be taken into consideration. Gree has different warranties for different categories, described below.

Gree Wall Mount DC Inverter ACs come with 10 years compressor, 4 years PCB, 2 years condenser, and 1-year parts warranty for its.

For Wall mount Non-inverter ACs, it offers 5 years compressor and 1-year Low voltage start warranty,

Lastly, for floor-standing ACs, Gree offers 3 years compressor and 1-year parts warranty.

Gree has three sizes in wall mount ACs: 1 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2 ton. While for the floor, standing ACs it has three sizes: 2-ton, 3-ton, and 4-ton.