Philips Iron Price in Pakistan

Philips iron price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 5,400 to Rs 19,400. Being offical dealer of Philips we offer their iron at the most afforable rates. So a good Philips iron from us wouldn't cost you more than Rs 11,100. We sell geuine and origonal products of Philips whose warranties can be claimed from the offical service center of Philips.

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Original price was: ₨8,550.Current price is: ₨5,750.

Original price was: ₨8,500.Current price is: ₨5,499.

Original price was: ₨21,000.Current price is: ₨19,499.

Philips is a recognized brand for designing a sleek and modern range of irons with the best gliding soleplate. These are known for durability and advanced features that help to make ironing more efficient and effective. Here we are sharing the buying guide for types of Philips iron in detail to make the buying process easier.

Types of Philips Irons in Pakistan

  1. Philips Dry Iron
  2. Philips Steam Iron

1. Philips Dry Iron

Enjoy ironing with a lightweight and easy-to-use dry iron for elevated temperature control. Here are the unique features mentioned in the following section:

Pointed tip design of soleplate

With a pointed tip design you can reach the trickiest areas while ironing easily.

Button groove

It helps to speed up ironing along buttons and seams.

Elevated temperature control

This is easy to operate and precise to have the right temperature adjustments.

Aluminum soleplate

Philips has introduced the latest high-quality finished aluminum soleplate provides long-lasting performance and easy gliding on clothes better than DynaGlide soleplate.

2. Philips Steam Iron

These irons are equipped with the latest steam technology and generate up to 170g steam boost for high quality and fast crease removal while ironing.

Let’s explore some of its features which are mentioned below:

Integrated Water spray

This function produces a fine mist to evenly moisten the fabric.

Large temperature control dial

It is for easily adjusting the right ironing temperature for each kind of fabric to get the desired results.

Non-stick soleplate coating

Steam irons have non-stick soleplate-coated iron for good gliding performance on all fabrics.

Triple Precision tip

Latest model of Philips steam irons have a pointed tip, button groove, and sleek nose design which makes the ironing easier for the trickiest areas.

Built-in Calc-Clean

This is for extending the iron’s life for years.

SteamGlide Soleplate

Philips steam irons have scratch-resistant SteamGlide soleplate providing good gliding while ironing fabrics.

Vertical steaming

This function refreshes garments on the hanger and removes creases from curtains as they hang.

Drip stop system

This system lets you iron delicate fabrics at low temperatures, and there is no need to worry about water droplets causing stains.


Dry irons have available power output of up to 1200W, whereas steam irons have up to 2400W power outage.

Updated List of Philips iron price in Pakistan JUn 2024

These irons are available in an economical price range to high end per your need. Dry irons are comparatively more budget-friendly than steam irons because of their advanced features and technology. However, in steam irons, there is a large price range starting from mid-price range to a higher price range.

Here is the updated price list of Philips irons in Pakistan.



Philips Dry Iron DST0520/20Rs. 5,750
Philips EasySpeed Steam Iron GC1740Rs. 12,199


Philips irons are more advanced than other brands. If you are looking for irons with smart features, then Philips has various options.