Dawlance Refrigerator Price in Pakistan

Dawlance refrigerator price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 63,000 to Rs 284,900. Being offical dealer of Dawlance we offer their refrigerator at the most afforable rates. So a good Dawlance refrigerator from us wouldn't cost you more than Rs 114,900. We sell geuine and origonal products of Dawlance whose warranties can be claimed from the offical service center of Dawlance.

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Original price was: ₨320,000.Current price is: ₨284,999.
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Dawlance has claimed itself to be as most reliable brand and has earned its name due to its durable, oldest and largest range of refrigerators. If you want to buy Dawlance refrigerator form market or online, there is a huge variety and models of Dawlance available, that might confuse the customer.

Therefore, we have given an in-depth yet concise price value analysis on all of its refrigerators that would help you buy best Dawlance refrigerator in Pakistan according to your requirements and budget.

Dawlance Refrigerators categories:

Its refrigerators can easily be categorized into three,

  1. Standard top freezer refrigerator
  2. Bedroom sized refrigerators
  3. French door refrigerator with size by side doors

All of its refrigerators operate on lighter and more eco-friendly R600a refrigerating gas and have antifungal gasket. Also, there are a large number of size variations in each series with wider and deeper body. All the refrigerators (except for bedroom series) also LVS technology therefor there is no need of separate stabilizer due to voltage fluctuations.

1.   Dawlance Standard Top Freezer Refrigerators:

LVS, LVS Plus & EDS series (Low Price Range)

Here, first series on our list is mixture of three different series having somewhat similar price range and similar features, yet different designs. All the models are standard Dawlance Refrigerators having much simpler and traditional designs with side handles.

LVS series is the cheapest Dawlance refrigerator of all, available in greyish color, that has 35% energy efficiency and can operate on low voltage start-up.

LVS plus series has similar feature as that of LVS series. Dawlance claims that it has higher energy efficiency of 45% for which its price is very slightly higher. This is available is elegant brown color. This series has been regularly short in the marked and is likely to be completely discontinued by the company.

EDS (European Design Series) is same as LVS plus series, however, has different design outlook and greyish color.

Inverter Series (Mid Price Range)

Dawlance has its standard inverter series that can save upto 55% energy. They can also operate on low and fluctuating voltage. Therefor they can efficiently work on UPS and Solar power supply.

This series is also available in further two different designs. First is Glass Door Inverter design that is available in three different colors. Second is Steel Body Inverter design that is available in metallic grey color.

They have relatively much cheaper prices than the later models, therefor they fall in mid-price range category.

Avanti & Chrome Series (Higher Price Range)

Avanti and Chrome series are latest Dawlance refrigerators with relatively advanced features. First of all they have its state of the art Vitamin Fresh Technology that preserves vitamin A and C in your food. It also has energy saving of upto 35% and has 5 wasy evaporator for fast and homogenous cooling.

It complies with international cooling standards and has energy rating of A+. Lastly, its deodorizing filters cleans food smell in refrigerating keeping food fresh.

While Avanti series is available in three different elegant glass door colors, chrome series is available in two different metallic designs. Therefore, the price of Avanti series is slightly higher than Chrome series, but both falls in same price bracket.

Avanti + & Chrome + (Highest Price Range)

These flagship models are upgraded and high-end version of simpler versions of Avanti and Chrome. The addition is that these series have inverter technology for which they have higher energy efficiency of 55% and have A++ energy rating according to international standards.

Due to their inverter technology, they fall in highest price range bracket and are about Rs3,000 – Rs10,000 more expensive than simpler Avanti and Chrome models depending on the size variations. However, they might save much more money due to higher efficiency.

H-zone (Discontinued – Mid Range)

H zone series is older and discontinued refrigerator of Dawlance that might still be available in the market. They had 35% energy efficiency and had tempered glass shelves that can withstand upto 100Kg weight. They has Health Light Technology, that preserves vitamin C in the food.

2.    Dawlance Bedroom Refrigerator

Bedroom series

Dawlance has its Bedroom series that are much smaller in sizes. They are aesthetically much appealing due to their flush handle design and colors and comes with freezer compartment. This available in two different colors: red and silver colors with metallic door.

These bedroom series can save upto 35% energy.

3.   Dawlance French Door Refrigerator

Double French Door (Biggest Size)

Now we would have a look on special French door refrigerators by Dawlance. This double French door is the has four doors with pillar less design that enhances storage capacity and gives maximum cooling retention. This is the biggest Dawlance French Door available in Pakistan.

They are powered with Inverter Technology and can save upto 55% energy, thus are highly cost effective. Additionally, they have Health Light that keeps food preserved for longer duration. They have built-in twist ice box with tempered glass shelves.

French Door

Dawlance French Door refrigerator are highest and most advanced refrigerators that Dawlance offers. These are powered with AI Inverter Technology, that has smart sensors that automatically senses the optimum refrigeration conditions. They have metal back wall that with no-frost technology that keeps refrigerator clean and its temperature homogenous. They have blue fresh light that keeps your food fresh and preserve Vitamin C for longer period of time.

Best thing about this model is its smart display that shows 4 different cooling modes along with ambient and cooling temperatures. Above all, it has air cleaner for air freshness and odour cleaning. They have A+ energy rating with 55% lesser energy consumption.

It is available in two different designs, one with metallic silver (INOX) design and other with glass door black design, with latter being more expensive.

Technology wise, they are the most advanced refrigerators, that are also most expensive and best French door refrigerator that Dawlance offers.

Dawlance Refrigerator Price in Pakistan 2024: Complete Price List

Dawlance standard top freezer prices starts form about Rs39,999. While its bedroom size ref prices starts form Rs31,999 and its French door refrigerator price starts form Rs153,000. However, prices increases as size and specs of ref increases. Here is complete price list of Dawlance refrigerators.



All the Dawlance refrigerators are available with 12 years compressor warranty with 1 year extended warranty that is the longest warranty offered for any refrigerator brand of Pakistan.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Dawlance has earned its name in the market of refrigerators due to much advance features and large variety of series and sizes, yet Dawlance price in Pakistan is much competitive as compared to other brands making it a good choice for you.