Hair Dryer Price in Pakistan

Starting price of Hair Dryer in Pakistan is Rs 3,800. Most expensive Hair Dryer can cost you around Rs 33,000 while a normal hair dryer can esaily be bought around Rs 9,600.

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Hair dryers are essential for quick styling and drying our hair within no time. They are the most basic hair styling tool; everyone should know about the features and type of hair dryer before buying. The wrong one can make your hair brittle and cause damage. If you are planning to buy the right one, this guide covers everything.

Types Of Hair Dryers In Pakistan

There are the following types of hair dryers in Pakistan according to different hair types:

Ceramic Hair dryer

These hair dryers have a ceramic coating on the inside, evenly distributing the heat. They regulate heat and use less to dry hair which minimizes damage. Ceramic ones are perfect for those who have fragile hair and help to lift strands.

Ionic Hair Dryer

This type of hair dryer uses negatively charged ions that help to break down the positively charged water molecules. Ionic hair dryers are great because you can dry hair quicker, even at lower settings that cause less hair damage.

Titanium Hair Dryer

These dryers have titanium heating coils. They dry hair quickly among all the other dryer types but aren’t safe for thin, damaged hair or short hair because they generate heat a lot.

Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Tourmaline is pyroelectric and piezoelectric, which generates an electric charge. It emits both infrared heat and negative ions. These hair dryers are faster than ceramic and ionic hair dryers but safer too. The heat generated by these hair dryers is evenly distributed.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Hair Dryer?

There are the following points that should be considered before buying the best hair dryer:

Hair type

Not all hair dryers suit all types of hair. If you have thin hair, then ceramic ones are the best option. A diffuser dryer works best for curly hair types, and an ionic hair dryer works for dull and frizzy hair.


If you have extremely dry hair, always get the hair dryer maximum of 1800-2000W. Those with thick, long and frizzy hair need a high-power hair dryer.

Additional Attachments

The dryer comes with additional attachments such as concentrated nozzles, a hairdryer comb, and diffusers are accessories you can use to style the hair along drying.

Heat Adjustments

Ensure you have chosen the hair dryer with multiple heat adjustments and low, medium, and high heat settings. This function is essential to lower the heat settings to prevent damage and keep the hair healthy.

Concentrator Nozzles

This is effective when used downward on straight hair or hair you want to straighten. Avoid using the concentrator nozzle in an upward direction because it flows upwards and opens up the hair cuticle, leaving strands open to frizz and even damage.

Latest Technology

Different types of hair dryers use different technology such as ionic hair dryers, which use ionic technology where ions are emitted. It helps you to maintain your hair shiny, moisturized and maintain your hairstyle up to better times.

Cool shot button

This button provides cool hair after hair drying, which will cool down the temperature of the hair. While styling or hair drying at high temperatures, you can use these cool shot features to set your hairstyle.

Pros and Cons Of Hair Dryer

Pros Cons
Create different styles Cause damage
The ionization function makes strands more silky and docile Dry out the scalp cause dandruff or scalp conditions
Time Saver Loud noise
Add volume

Best Hair Dryer Price in Pakistan Sep 2023

Here are updated hair dryer prices of All Brands available in Pakistan.



Remington Hair dryer D2400Rs. 6,999
Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-ND21 1200 WattsRs. 4,999
BaByliss Hair Dryer Pro 2200Rs. 7,850
Remington Hair Dryer Shea Soft D4740Rs. 13,500
Remington Your Style Hair Dryer Kit D5219Rs. 12,000
Remington Thermacare Pro Hair Dryer D5710Rs. 10,299
Remington Hair Dryer Keratin Pro D8002Rs. 15,800
Geepas Ionic Hair Dryer GHD86018Rs. 5,500
WestPoint Hair Dryer WF-6270 1600 WattsRs. 5,220
Remington Hair Dryer Color Protect D6090Rs. 8,000
Geepas Hair Dryer GH-8696Rs. 3,850

Price Analysis of Hair Dryers in Pakistan

Hair dryers are available at different price ranges in Pakistan. Lower-priced hair dryers have limited features, damaging your hair more. Whereas high-priced hair dryers have advanced features such as multiple heat and speed settings, ionic technology, and ceramic coating.

Recommended brands of hair dryers in Pakistan

  1. Remington
  2. Philips
  3. Panasonic
  4. Braun
  5. Babyliss
  6. Geepas
  7. Kemei
  8. Sencor
  9. Tefal
  10. Westpoint


These specs will make your decision easier when buying hair dryers in Pakistan. Brands come up with various features varying from power to attachments and other attention-grabbing technologies. To get the best one according to your hair type, visit, where a huge variety is available at the lowest prices.