Roti Maker Price in Pakistan

Roti Maker price in Pakistan starts from Rs 9,200 and goes all the way upto Rs 12,900. Average selling price of roti maker is Rs 11,300. We delivery roti maker in all major cities of Pakistan, specially in Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad & Karachi.

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Original price was: ₨13,000.Current price is: ₨9,950.

Original price was: ₨9,630.Current price is: ₨9,240.

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Original price was: ₨12,700.Current price is: ₨12,350.

Original price was: ₨15,000.Current price is: ₨12,999.

It is not always convenient to make roti on tawa on gas stove. Therefor, electric roti makers are always in high demand in Pakistan. There are very simpler in construction and often easy to use. Here in this section, we will discuss the types of Roti makers, their specifications, and prices in Pakistan.

Types of Roti Makers.

There are two types of roti makers described below.

Electric Simple Roti Maker

This roti maker is semi-automatic. The users have to manually make a dough and place between in its nonstick pans to make a roti. The price of this roti maker in Pakistan is much low.

Fully Automatic Roti Maker

This fully automatic roti maker is not available in Pakistan yet. In this roti maker you don’t need to make even dough. You just must place raw wheat, water, and oil. Rest of the work will be done completely by this roti maker. However, this roti maker would cost you about thrice the price of standard roti maker.

How to Use Roti Maker: Step by Step Procedure

If you have a wheat dough and electric roti maker, you need to follow following steps to make a roti.

  1. Turn on the electric roti maker to preheat its plates. If there is a temperature know, adjust it to desired temperature
  2. Make a round dough manually. Make sure that that rough has enough moisture.
  3. Now after roti maker is preheated, place the roti on the nonstick plate of the roti maker. The placement of the dough must not be at the centers, but near the pivot hinge of nonstick plates.
  4. Press the nonstick plates together by pressing the handle against the lid, so that the dough gets flattens in shape of chapatti.
  5. Lift the lid back after 15-25 seconds when roti starts changing its color and rotate the rotti.
  6. When one side of the roti gets brownish, flip the roti and keep rotating it until the second side gets brownish as well.
  7. Now just put the lid back over the roti. After few seconds the roti would start inflating.

When roti inflates your roti is completely baked and ready to eat.

As making roti in semi-automatic roti maker is easy, making roti in fully automatic roti maker is even easier. The method has already been described.

Brands of Roti Makers

In Pakistan, following are some brands of which you can buy roti maker.

  • Anex roti maker
  • Westpoint roti maker
  • Gaba roti maker
  • Geepas roti maker

Roti Maker Price in Pakistan – Latest prices 2024

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