Super Asia Room Cooler Price in Pakistan

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Air coolers are highly popular in Pakistan, to the point that each year almost all stocks get sold out. Super Asia air coolers are among those famous companies that provide cost-effective air coolers for your home or workplace. Super Asia room coolers function best in well-ventilated areas, mainly where there is low humidity.

Size & Storage of Cooler

Super Asia has a variety of air coolers in various capacities, ranging from 30 to 50 liters. Super Asia offers an air cooling device that is small and portable. Despite having a plastic body they have strong built and are lighter in weight. They have small wheels at the bottom that makes them easily portable. Now you can easily clean your houses and working place.

Common Features of Super Asia Room Coolers

  • A high-grade plastic body that is shock and rust Proof
  • Honeycomb Cooling pad with antibacterial side.
  • Energy-Saving Aerodynamic Plastic Blades
  • Powerful Motorized Louver
  • Low-Maintenance, Long-Lasting Life

Super Asia Air Cooler Price in Pakistan 2023:

Super Asia coolers are a bit more expensive than normal coolers as they can be easily operated on solar energy. Super Asia air cooler would cost your around 16,000/- PKR and with a solar unit it would cost your around 17,000/- PKR.









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