Super Asia Room Air Cooler ECM 5000 Plus

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Tank Capacity 60 Litre

Top Loading Cooling Box

Ice Packs (4 Re-Freezable Ice Packs)

Voltage 220v AC

Powerful Energy Efficient Motor

Pure Copper Winding

High-Quality Water Pump

Powerful Air Throw

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Brand: Super Asia
Category: Air Cooler

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Super Asia presents Super Asia Room Air Cooler ECM 5000 Plus with its 60 liters of tank capacity and top-loading cooling box. It is equipped with 6 refreezable ice packs for extra cooling. It comes in turbofan technology and has a powerful air throw feature that makes it unique from the others. It has imported High efficient cooling pads that enhance its working. It also has an auto-swing and system restore function with 2-speed controls. Super Asia room coolers are designed for homes, offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc.

BRAND Super Asia
Model No. ECM 5000 Plus
Color White & Black
Type Air Cooler
Capacity 60 Litre
Voltage 220v AC
Technology Turbo
Speed Control 2
Body Plastic
Mobility 4 Way
Motor Pure Cooper
Cooling Box Yes
Auto Swing Yes
Restore Function Yes
Weight 25kg
Dimensions (85*65*115) cm
Warranty 1 Year


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All Units Sold

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