Rice Cooker Price in Pakistan

Starting price of Rice Cooker in Pakistan is Rs 17,400. Most expensive Rice Cooker can cost you around Rs 32,400 while a normal rice cooker can esaily be bought around Rs 22,400.

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Original price was: ₨19,500.Current price is: ₨17,499.

Original price was: ₨20,000.Current price is: ₨17,499.

Original price was: ₨39,999.Current price is: ₨32,499.

The rice cooker is specifically designed for cooking rice and is also helpful for steaming vegetables. These cookers are available in different settings, such as digital, basic, multi-function, and induction heat.

A huge variety of rice cookers is available in Pakistan, and knowing each type’s features, kitchen usability, and functionality will tell you which type is required. Here we are sharing the buying guide for the rice cookers to let you decide which is the best.

Types of Rice Cookers in Pakistan

There are the following types of rice cookers available in Pakistan:

1. Digital Rice Cooker

These rice cookers are available with digital settings, allowing you to pre-set your temperature or cooking time. This is just like an ordinary rice cooker but has an added feature to measure the pot’s temperature and adjust cooking time according to the cooked rice type.

2. Basic Rice Cooker

These cookers are available with minimal features, and a basic rice cooker has a bowl and heating element which boils water and cooks rice. The basic rice cooker contains no special features other than an easy-to-use interface.

3. Multi-function Rice Cooker

This type of rice cooker has multiple cooking types. A multi-function rice cooker combined with a slow cooker or steamer. This is commonly used for cooking rice and has other functions, including steaming veggies and making soups. Multi-function rice cookers are versatile because they save the user time and money by cooking multiple items simultaneously.

4. Induction Heat Rice Cooker

This rice cooker uses a magnetic coil to heat rice rather than boiling water. With induction heating technology, this rice cooker produces perfectly cooked food every time. Induction heat rice cookers get the power through alternating current from the wall outlet instead of using direct heat from an electrical plate.

How To Determine The Best Rice Cooker Type?

The best rice cooker type can be determined by considering the following features:

Removable Interior

It makes your rice cooker portable, and you can remove the interior pot for serving.

Auto Shut off

A rice cooker with an automatic shut-off feature turns the appliance off after a set period.


Rice cooker with non-stick coating help to prevent the rice from getting stuck to the pot.


Pre-programmable settings allow you to pre-set the temperature you want to cook and for how long.

Digital Settings

These are the advanced settings to connect your rice cooker to your smartphone for more control.


The price factor for rice cookers varies according to type and brand, so consider your budget and go for the brand selection.

Digital Rice Cookers Vs. Basic Rice Cookers

There are the following differences in their features and functions. Take a look

Control Panel

Digital rice cookers have a control panel with buttons or a touch screen to select different cooking modes for adjusting the cooking time and temperature. In comparison, basic rice cookers have a simple on/off switch or a single button.

Programmable Settings

Digital rice cookers have programmable settings for cooking different types of rice with the touch of a button, and basic rice cookers only have one or two cooking modes.


Digital rice cookers come in various sizes, from small to larger models. Basic rice cookers have a smaller capacity and are designed for home use.


Digital rice cookers are more expensive than basic rice cookers due to their additional features and functions.

Basic Rice Cooker vs Digital Rice Cooker

Control panel Programmable Settings Capacity Price
Basic rice cooker Simple On/Off 1 or 2 cooking modes Smaller Economical
Digital rice cooker Yes Yes Small to large Expensive

Price Analysis for Rice Cooker In Pakistan

The price of rice cookers can vary depending on the cooker’s brand, size, and features. Basic cookers are economical, while more advanced models with digital controls and larger capacities are available at high prices. You will only get a basic rice cooker or digital rice cooker in Pakistan at different prices.



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