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Automatic washing machines offer convenience and time-saving benefits. You can easily program the machine from wash cycle selection to spin speed control with a touch panel. Here, we will consider some important features before buying an automatic washing machine.
Types of Automatic Washing Machine
Here are the following types of automatic washing machines:
1. Top Load Automatic Washing Machine
These machines have a vertical drum where you load the laundry from the top. This design allows for easy loading and unloading of clothes without bending down.
2. Front Load Automatic Washing Machine
They have a horizontally oriented drum where you load the laundry from the front. This design allows for larger drum capacity and efficient water and detergent use.
Top Load vs Front Automatic Load: Which Automatic Machine is the Best?

Front Automatic Load
Top Automatic Load

Energy efficiency
More efficient
Less efficient

Load size

Spinning speed
Up to 1000rpm
650 rpm

Clothing life
Less wear and tear
More wear and tear

More expensive
Less expensive

Door lock

Add steam
In some models

Wash time cycle
Can be 30 minutes longer

Fewer problems
Broken belts, leaky hoses, sensor problems.

Life expectancy
11 years
14 years

Tumbling Action
Agitator or Impeller mechanism

Buying Guide for the Best Automatic Washing Machine In Pakistan


Consider the average laundry load to determine the appropriate capacity. Usually, automatic machines is from 8kg to 14kg capacity.

Energy Efficiency

Look for machines with high energy star ratings to save on electricity bills. Especially Inverter technology washing machines can save upto 65% energy and water.

Wash Programs

Multiple wash programs for fabric types and soil levels ensure versatile and effective cleaning.

Spin Speed

Higher spin speeds extract more water from clothes, reducing drying time.

Drum Material

Stainless steel or porcelain-coated drums offer durability and prevent rusting.

Water Efficiency

Look for machines that optimize water usage and have water-saving features.

Noise & Vibration Control

Features like anti-vibration technology and quiet operation enhance user experience.

Safety features

Child lock, overheating protection, and auto-shutoff features ensure safety during operation.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive controls, clear displays, and an easy-to-use interface enhance usability.

How To Use Automatic Washing Machine?
Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use an automatic washing machine:

Step 1: Sort your laundry: Separate your laundry into different piles based on fabric type, color, and level of dirtiness.

Step 2: Load the machine: Open the door or lid of the washing machine and place the sorted laundry into the drum.

Step 3: Select wash program: Refer to the washing machine’s control panel or digital display to choose the desired wash program.

Step 4:Adjust additional settings: Customize the additional settings according to your preferences that can be adjusted, such as water temperature, spin speed, or extra rinse options.

Step 5: Start the wash cycle: Once you’ve selected the wash program, the machine will begin the cycle, and the timer or display will indicate the remaining time.

Step 6: Wait for the cycle to complete: Most machines have an automatic timer that will stop the cycle once it’s finished.

Step 7: Unload the laundry: Once the cycle is complete, open the door or lid of the washing machine. Carefully remove the freshly washed laundry and transfer it to a drying rack or dryer.
Best Automatic Washing Machine Brands in Pakistan

Super Asia

Automatic Washing Machine Price in Pakistan



Haier HWM 85/120/150 826 Automatic Washing MachineRs. 66,300
Dawlance DWT 260/270 S LVS+ Automatic Washing MachineRs. 83,999
Samsung Washing Machine WA70H4000Rs. 87,499

How to clean an automatic washing machine?
To clean an automatic washing machine, run a cleaning cycle with a mixture of water and vinegar or a commercial washing machine cleaner and leave the door open to prevent moisture buildup.
How to use bleach in the automatic washing machine?
Don’t use bleach directly in the automatic washing machine because it can discolor fabrics, and its potency can be harsh on certain parts of the machine.
If the machine is left uncleaned after using bleach, it will definitely affect the next washings.
How to install a fully automatic washing machine?

Read the user manual.
Choose a suitable location.
Locate the water supply faucets.
Connect the water inlet hoses.
Connect the drain hose.
Level the machine.
Plug in the power cord.
Test the connections.