Gaming headphones Price in Pakistan

Gaming headphones price in Pakistan starts from Rs 1,600 and goes all the way upto Rs 35,800. Average selling price of gaming headphones is Rs 11,700. We delivery gaming headphones in all major cities of Pakistan, specially in Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad & Karachi.

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Gaming headphones are essential accessories for gamers of all levels, providing an immersive audio experience that enhances gameplay and communication. These gaming headphones are designed to offer high-quality sound, comfort during long gaming sessions, and advanced features to the gaming environment. This buying guide has features and price analysis to make a satisfying purchase.

Gaming Headphones vs. Regular Headphones

Features Regular Headphone Gaming Headphone
Aesthetics Decent and less obvious Game-centered, bright colors
Surround sound Use virtual surround sound Uses true surround sound
Audio Quality Clear sound Bass heavy and often lacks clarity
Comfort Not ideal for long sessions Meant for long sessions
Microphone Great for video meetings, poor for discord calls Excellent and provides better cancelation

Features of Gaming Headphones in Pakistan

Audio Quality

Good quality is essential for an immersive gaming experience. Always look for Gaming headphones that deliver clear and accurate sound reproduction.

Surround Sound

Many gaming headphones offer virtual surround sound, such as 7.1 or 5.1. This feature simulates a multi-channel audio experience to enhance spatial awareness.


Built-in microphones are a standard feature in gaming headphones, allowing you to communicate with teammates. Look for a microphone with noise-canceling or noise-reducing capabilities to minimize background noise.


Make sure that the gaming headphones you choose are compatible with the gaming platform or device. Most gaming headphones support multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Wired or Wireless

Gaming headphones come in both wired and wireless options. These headphones offer lower latency and consistent audio quality but are physically connected to gaming devices. Wireless headphones provide more freedom of movement.

Controls and Customization

Some gaming headphones have built-in controls that allow you to adjust volume, mute the microphone, or toggle other settings without accessing external controls.

RGB lighting

Some gaming headphones feature RGB or customizable lighting effects for added visual elements. Consider the aesthetic appeal and whether it aligns with your preference or gaming setup.

Noise Isolation

There are two kinds of noise isolation found in gaming headsets:

  • Passive noise cancellation: It helps to reduce the bleed of outside sounds utilizing physical design such as a closed back or thick padding.
  • Active Noise Cancellation: The headset uses technology to filter out background noise as it comes in. It allows the headset to produce the clearest audio possible.

Best Gaming Headphone Price in Pakistan 2024

Here are updated prices of gaming headphones of all Brands available in Pakistan.



EKSA E900 Pro Noise Cancelling USB Gaming HeadsetRs. 4,750
Beexcellent Gaming Headset GM-7Rs. 2,790
HP Extreme Gaming Headphones 8008URs. 3,899
Baseus Gaming Bluetooth Earphone GH02Rs. 18,699
Edifier 7.1 Virtual Surround Gaming Headset G30 IIRs. 16,750
Logitech G Pro X Noise Cancellation Gaming HeadsetRs. 35,899
Logitech 7.1 Lightsync Gaming Headset G633SRs. 28,400
Edifier G1 Professional Gaming HeadsetRs. 9,899

Price Analysis of Gaming Headphones

  • Low-priced range gaming headphones have basic features such as audio quality, wired connectivity, and entry-level features. These are available at under 5000 PKR.
  • Mid-range gaming headphones have improved surround sound, detachable microphones, and customizable RGB lighting. These would cost you between 5,000 PKR and 15,000.
  • Premium range gaming headphones have incorporated advanced features like active noise cancellation and customizable EQ settings. They have high-fidelity sound with detailed and accurate audio reproduction. You will get these headsets above 15,000 PKR according to the specifications of top-notch brands.

Lowest Gaming Headphone Price in Pakistan & Review

Here is our review video of the most economical gaming headphone in Pakistan.


Here are some of our recommendations that will help you to choose the best one as per your preferences:

Eksa Air Joy Pro 7.1 Surround Sound (Lower Price Range)

This is recommended because it is available at an economical price in Pakistan. It comes with decent sound quality in this price range. Due to its budget-friendly nature, the Eksa Air Joy Pro lacks advanced features such as wireless connectivity.

Logitech G331 Stereo Gaming Headset (Mid-Price Range)

If you are looking for a mid-range gaming headset, then the Logitech G331 Stereo Gaming headset produces a complete and quality sound for gaming experience with 50 mm audio drivers. Going in this price range is good for a basic noise-cancellation feature.

Razer Blackshark V2 Multi-Platform Esports headset (High Price Range)

This one is available with advanced features because it has an advanced passive noise cancellation feature. This gaming headset is designed with the Flow knit memory foam ear cushions for a comfortable experience. Get this headset at a premium range.