Epilator Price in Pakistan

Starting price of Epilator in Pakistan is Rs 1,700. Most expensive Epilator can cost you around Rs 99,000 while a normal epilator can esaily be bought around Rs 18,000.

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These are electronic grooming devices that are used for hair removal by using small tweezers to pull hair out from the root. They are a popular alternative to traditional hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing, and hair removal creams. Epilator prices in Pakistan vary from brand to brand.

If you are considering buying an epilator, this content will help you know everything in detail about epilators to get rid of unwanted hair.

Types of Epilators

There are following major types of epilators, which are differentiated as per functionality:

  1. Spring type epilators
  2. Rotating disc-type/Tweezer-type epilators

1. Spring-type epilators

These types of epilators are categorized into two types, either manual or electrical.

  • Manual type Epilators

The manual spring epilator is a simple coiled spring and best suits the face. Epilating with manual spring epilators are known as earlier and manual epilators. It works as a natural way of removing facial hair. These are safer and less painful than electric epilators. You will get varieties of manual epilators that don’t need any power supply.

  • Electric Spring Epilators

This type of epilator uses a spring coil, which runs on power or battery. Working functionality is similar to a manual spring epilator. The electric spring epilator makes twist movements of the spring while removing facial hair.

2. Rotating Disc type/Tweezer type epilators

This type of epilator has several motor spines and rubber discs on the head of the machine instead of springs. You can find it as battery and corded or cordless models. It can grab the hair quickly and pull them out of the root. Rotating the disc epilator is painful and available at high prices.

Whereas the tweezer-type epilator is an advanced version of the rotating disc epilator type. The tweezer epilator also works in rotation mode, completing its action and processes quickly. It grabs hair and pulls them out within milliseconds. It won’t cause any irritation on your skin because it will not remove skin cells.

Other Types of Epilators

Body Epilators

They are designed for the body for specifically sensitive areas like underarms and bikini areas. They have a smaller head to epilate a small area at a time with less speed.

Facial Epilators

These models are smaller and lighter with narrow heads so you can navigate around the face to remove the upper lip, chin, forehead, and eyebrow hair.

Are Epilators worth investing?

Whether or not an epilator is worthy, depends on your needs. Here are some factors to consider:

Long Lasting Results

Epilation provides long-lasting smoothness, pulling hairs out by the root so they take longer to grow back. All you need to do is epilate once or twice a month to have silky smooth skin daily.


Epilators are easy to use and can be easily used in the comfort of the home. They require less time and effort than other methods, such as waxing and hair removal creams.

Good at grabbing short hairs

For waxing, you have to grow your hair before waxing works, but epilators are better at grabbing short hairs than waxing. Some epilators can remove hairs as short as ½mm, and waxing requires at least 2mm long hair.

Less painful than waxing

As compared to waxing, some epilators are gentle and can cause less pain. This is because many epilators have built-in mechanisms like massaging heads that trick your nervous system into feeling less pain. They can also be used in hot baths or showers to reduce pain and make you feel more relaxed.

All-over-body hair removal

Epilators, including legs, arms, face, and underarms, can be used all over the body. Most epilators come with multiple caps that you can put on the head so that the epilator will work better on certain areas like the face or bikini area.

How Does An Epilator Work?

An epilator is an electronic device that uses tiny tweezer-like plates. It works by grabbing the follicle and pulling out hair from its root, providing long-lasting results. It prevents clogs while passing over the skin.

Advanced epilators are now available with additional attachments like facial cleanser, trimmer cap, shaver head, and more. It glides over your skin smoothly and catches more hair, so you don’t need to revisit the same skin patch.

What Should You Look For In An Epilator While Buying?

Number of tweezers

The number of tweezers on an epilator can range from 20 to 100. The more tweezers an epilator has, the faster and more efficient it will remove hair.

Speed Settings

Epilators come with multiple speed settings, which can help adjust the intensity of the epilation depending on the area of the body and pain tolerance.

Corded or Cordless

Decide whether you want a corded or cordless epilator. Corded epilators provide a constant power source, and cordless epilators offer more flexibility and convenience with shorter battery life.

Wet and dry capabilities

If you want to use your epilator in the shower or bath, look for a wet or dry waterproof model.


Many epilators have additional accessories, such as caps for more sensitive areas, exfoliation brushes, or massage rollers. Consider which accessories you may find useful.

Brand and Price

Research brands and read reviews to determine which epilators are reliable and effective. Decide a budget before buying because prices can vary.

Pressure sensors

High-end epilators are equipped with pressure sensors to prevent skin irritation and discomfort of hair removal. It can be a useful feature for those who are looking for a gentle and precise hair removal experience.

3d flex head

A flexible head consists of a pivoting head that can move in multiple directions allowing it to adapt to the curves and angles of different body parts.

Smart light

A smart light is a built-in light that illuminates the epilated area, making it easier to see and remove hair easily.

Recommended Brands for Epilators

Based on above mentioned criteria, here are some of the best epilators brands in Pakistan that we recommend:

  1. Braun
  2. Philips
  3. Panasonic
  4. Remington
  5. Kemei
  6. Geepas

Unbeatable Epilators price in Pakistan Apr 2024;



Braun Silk epil 1 Epilator 1170Rs. 9,249
Braun Silk epil 3 Epilator 3 in 1 3-410Rs. 14,499
Kemei KM-2199 5 in 1 Shaver EpilatorRs. 3,799
Panasonic Epilator ES-EL3A Wet & DryRs. 16,499
Geepas Lady Grooming Set GLS86053Rs. 7,799
Remington Epilator 3 in 1 EP7300Rs. 15,900
Braun Silk Epil 9 Flex Epilator 9 in 1 with Face Spa Kit SES 9300Rs. 99,000
Kemei KM-6198 3 in 1 Shaver EpilatorRs. 3,499


Is using an epilator painful?

Using an epilator can be uncomfortable or painful for those with sensitive skin.

How often should I use an epilator?

You can use an epilator every 2-4 weeks.

Can I use an epilator on my face?

There are so many models available which are designed for facial hair removal.

Can I use an epilator on my bikini area?

Look for a model with a smaller head or attachments designed for this area.

Are epilators better than waxing?

Epilators are more convenient and cost-effective than waxing because they can be used at home and don’t require the purchase of additional supplies.