Solar Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

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The world is moving towards a more economical way of powering electronic gadgets by using solar energy. This greatly impacts the overall consumption price of electric products like an air cooler.
Air cooler prices in Pakistan are very economical as compared to the air conditioners. Tons of people purchase them instead of ac for that reason. Nothing can cherish the Pakistani users more than these affordable air coolers with the ability to be operated on a Solar setup.

Air Coolers with Solar Kit:

These coolers have a dc kit installed within them that allows them to work directly on the solar systems. All of the reaming workings remain the same. You don’t even need to compromise on the speed or other working of these air coolers.

Solar Room Cooler Prices in Pakistan 2024:

Solar Coolers won’t cost you much like other solar-operated appliances. They only have a small solar kit. They will cost almost the same as a regular cooler.
Currently, Boss solar air coolers are one of the top cooler manufacturing companies that work in solar-enabled coolers. Their prices are quite affordable. You will get a normal solar-powered air cooler around 15,000/- PKR.