Black+Decker 1000W/2000W HX310-B5 Vertical Fan Heater

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2000W Rapid Heating Power

Thermostatic Control

Auto Cut-Off System

Dual Heat Settings

Versatile Cooling Fan

Overheat Protection

Low Noise


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Introducing the Black & Decker HX310-B5 Vertical Fan Heater, a powerhouse delivering 2000 Watts of rapid heating, coupled with thermostatic control, versatile cooling, and robust safety features—guaranteeing swift warmth and comfort in any season.

Features of Black+Decker 2000W HX310-B5 Vertical Fan Heater

  • Rapid Heating Power: Boasting 2000 Watts, this vertical fan heater ensures swift and efficient heating, ideal for quickly warming up spaces.
  • Thermostatic Control: Easy-to-use thermostatic control allows convenient adjustment of heating levels, ensuring a comfortable environment tailored to your preferences.
  • Auto Cut-Off System: Safety is paramount with the auto cut-off system, providing peace of mind by automatically shutting off the heater in case of overheating.
  • Dual Heat Settings: Choose from two heat settings, accommodating various temperature requirements and offering flexibility for customized warmth.
  • Versatile Cooling Fan: Beyond heating, the unit serves as a cooling fan, adding versatility for year-round use and ensuring it’s not confined to winter months.
  • Overheat Protection: Further enhancing safety, the overheat protection feature prevents potential hazards, ensuring secure usage.
  • Low Noise & Corrosion-Free: Enjoy a peaceful atmosphere with low noise levels, complemented by a corrosion-free plastic body for minimal maintenance and long-lasting durability.

Specifications of Black+Decker 2000W HX310-B5 Vertical Fan Heater

Power 2000 Watts
Heating Level 2
Thermostatic Control Yes
Auto Cut-Off System
Yes (For overheating protection)
Heat Settings
2 (Dual settings for customized temperatures)
Cooling Fan
Yes (Versatile use as a regular fan)
Overheat Protection Yes
Noise Level Low
Body Material
Corrosion-Free Plastic

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