LaFuture 750W/1300W Motion Sensor Ceramic Fan Heater Lot

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Motion Sensor Auto On/Off

High-Speed Warm Air

750W /1300W Power

Adjustable Warm Air Modes

Activated Carbon Formulated Filter

Auto Power Off When Tipped

Lightweight, Slim & Portable

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Brand: Imported
Category: Ceramic Heater

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LaFuture’s 750W/1300W Motion Sensor Ceramic Fan Heater stands out with its intelligent motion sensor. It delivers instant warmth upon detecting a person and ensures energy efficiency by automatically turning off when no one is present—experience efficient, safe, and hands-free heating.

Features of LaFuture 750W/1300W Motion Sensor Ceramic Fan Heater

  • Motion Sensor Auto On/Off: Automatically activates when detecting a person and turns off when no one is present, preventing unnecessary power consumption.
  • High-Speed Warm Air: Quickly generates warm air in about 2 seconds for instant comfort during colder seasons.
  • Adjustable Warm Air Modes: Choose between “weak” and “strong” warm air settings to suit your comfort level, with an additional blower mode for air circulation.
  • Activated Carbon Formulated Filter: Effectively removes various impurities, such as cigarette odors and small dust particles, ensuring clean air in your room.
  • Auto Power Off When Tipped: Features automatic power-off in case of falls or overheating, enhancing safety & equipped with a child lock function.
  • Lightweight, Slim, and Portable: Easy to handle with a back handle for convenient one-handed carrying, allowing flexibility in placement.

Specifications of LaFuture 750W/1300W Motion Sensor Ceramic Fan Heater

Heating Power
Heating Levels
Heater Features
Motion Sensor
Auto On/Off, detects presence and turns off when undetected for 8 hours
Warm Air Activation Time Approximately 2 seconds
Airflow Modes
Weak, Strong, Blower (for air circulation)
Activated carbon formulated, high adsorption effect
Safety Features
Auto power-off on tipping, overheating protection, child lock function
Lightweight, slim design with a handle for easy carrying

features Basic Features

Heating Levels

Heater Features

Heater Watts

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Original price was: ₨9,500.Current price is: ₨8,750.

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