Braun Epilator Price in Pakistan

Braun epilator price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 9,200 to Rs 99,000. Being offical dealer of Braun we offer their epilator at the most afforable rates. So a good Braun epilator from us wouldn't cost you more than Rs 36,000. We sell geuine and origonal products of Braun whose warranties can be claimed from the offical service center of Braun.

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Braun is a world-famous brand that has an enormous impact on the women’s hair grooming industry. Women mostly love to use Braun due to its premium quality, a large set of grooming kits, and durability.

It provides high-end epilators that gently remove hairs from the root and leave silky and smooth skin.

Series of Braun Epilator in Pakistan with Price Comparison

Currently, there are 5 different series of Braun epilators that are available in Pakistan while Silk Epil 9 flex is yet to be introduced.

1. Silk Epil 9 Flex (Comming Soon)

This wet & dry epilator is the most premium epilator in the market that has a flexible head that adjusts its-self according to the body contours.

However, this epilator is yet to be launched in Pakistan. So stay tuned.

2. Silk Epil 9 – 31,000Rs Starting Price

This is also a wet & dry epilator that has a large-size battery and large epilator heat that removes hairs more efficiently with 50 minutes of continuous cordless use.

3. Silk Epil 5 – 25,000Rs Starting Price

This is a basic wet & dry epilator with a medium-sized head and battery, which is still enough for 30 min of nonstop cordless use.

4. Silk Epil 3 – 11,300Rs Starting Price

This is a corded epilator that is the basic model epilator with a large, medium size head but with corded use. However, this makes it highly economical in price.

5. Silk Epil 1 – 7,500Rs Starting Price

This is another corded epilator that is the cheapest model epilator which is similar to silk epil 3 but has a smaller head and is not available with many additional attachments.

6. Facial Spa Pro – 21,500Rs Starting Price

This is in fact a dedicated epilator kit for a facial treat

Prominent Feature of Braun Epilators

Wet & Dry Use

The new series of Braun epilators – silk epil 5 and beyond, are designed to work in both conditions: Wet & Dry, which adds more convenience for women to use under water or on wet skin without fear of getting an electric shock.

Thus, it makes it much more gentle and less painful to epilate hairs from wet skin.


Make epilators truly cordless and wet & dry to use. Braun has its series of cordless epilators that again increase the convenience of women to use them in any place they like – in bed or even in the shower.

Also, due to cordless devices, people carry epilators with their traveling kit which makes it a perfect choice during travel and tour.

Speed Setting

All epilators of Braun have 2-speed settings that are specially designed not to harm and not to make rashes on the women’s bodies.

Optional Head Attachments

The Braun epilators come in as many head attachments as a woman might think of, from trimmers, shavers, and combs to massagers. Thus it’s not just an epilator but a complete grooming kit.

Smart Light

The indicator light is intelligently placed such that while using, it flashes the light over the skin so that even in darker rooms or under the shadows, you can see your skin clearly.

SensoSmart Technology

Braun is the first brand that launches SensoSmart™ technology in their epilators. This technology makes sure that optimal pressure is ensured by gently providing guidance. It gently guides the light signal, so you don’t press too hard and accurately removes even the shortest hairs the wax can’t remove.

Types of Braun Epilators Based on Usage

1. Body Epilator

These epilators are designed to be used on the woman’s body and have a bigger epilator head.

2. Facial Epilator

This epilator is specially designed to remove the facial hair of women, which has a nose-like structure with an intelligently placed tiny epilator head.

ment that includes many additional attachments besides the facial epilator.
Additional Accessories & Attachments of Braun Epilators

Skin contact cap: Effect caps or skin tension caps help keep the skin taut and less painful during hair removal.

Shaver head: This head is comely used for the shave on arms and legs
Braun FaceSpa: with a sensitive brush Removing hair with an epilator, this brush is helpful to make skin soft right after hair removal.

Beauty sponge: It comes with incredible softness and makes skin glow and fresh after removing hair from the skin.

Cleaning brush: These brushes are necessary when cleaning your skin after removing hair from the epilator.

Skin Massager: This attachment has a massaging head that improves blood circulation and relaxes muscles.

Unbeatable Braun Epilator Price in Pakistan JUn 2024



Braun Silk epil 1 Epilator 1170Rs. 9,249
Braun Silk Epil 3 Epilator 2 in 1 with Bikini Trimmer SE 3-420Rs. 14,999
Braun Silk epil 3 Epilator 3 in 1 SE 3-270Rs. 14,250