TCL LED Price in Pakistan

TCL led price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 28,400 to Rs 489,900. Being offical dealer of TCL we offer their led at the most afforable rates. So a good TCL led from us wouldn't cost you more than Rs 146,800. Some of these commonly sold led includes, TCL UHD Android TV 43 Inch P615, TCL QLED TV 50 Inch C725, TCL QLED TV 50 Inch C725 and TCL 43 ′′ Smart Android LED TV S5200.

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TCL is China based consumer electronics and home appliances corporation that has earned its name worldwide. In Pakistan, TCL is one of the biggest LED manufacturers that has the largest LED TV range.

Selecting TCL LED might be difficult as there is much scattered information over the internet and market; often inaccurate or misleading. Furthermore, TCL LED price is often a great concern in Pakistan market. All these ambiguities would be answered by Shoppingjin in detailed, yet in a comprehensive manner in the following section.

TCL LED TV Categories

Before entering in the market, you must do your homework to know that what type of TCL LED TVs are available in the market to point out your LED according to your requirement. TCL has 4 categories of LED TVs available in the market.

  1. Standard LED TV
  2. Smart LED TV
  3. Smart UHD LED TV
  4. Smart QLED TV
  5. Smart Mini QLED TV

The TCL LED price in Pakistan increases in ascending order form 1-5.

Now we will have a look on specifications and their prices on each category.

Standard LED

There is D-series that represents Standard TCL non-android LED. There are two sub division in this series. D310 represents TCL 32-inch LED while D3000 represents TCL 40 inch LED.

Features of D series TCL Standard LED

This led is non-android simple LED that has 16.7Million colors and standard 60Hz refresh rate. This display is adequate for cable / dish connection. These LEDs have 10W speakers that dives decent sound. They have HDMI and USB connectivity as well.

The main difference between TCL 32 inch and 40 inch LEDs is that 32 LED has HD display while 40 inch LED has FHD display.

In terms of price, these TCL LED are cheapest that TCL produces and have very competitive price in Pakistan as compared to other brands as well.

Sizes in TCL Standard LED TV

  • There are only two sizes in it: 32 inch and 40 inch.

Smart LED TV

Now in TCL smart LED TVs there is built in Android operating systems. That means that you can enjoy its Google play store, Chrome Cast, voice search form Google Assistant, Built in Bluetooth and much more.

There are again only 2 series: S5200 series and S6500 series. Both are base TCL android TVs and falls in low price range. Have a look on specification of each.

Features of TCL Smart TV

TCL S5200 series

This is the basic TCL smart LED series that is powered by android. It has same 60Hz display with 16.7million colors ( HD for 32 inch and FHD for 43 inch). However, its performance is improved by micro dimming technology that divides your LED into different zones and control its brightness separately, thus giving improved display.

Additionally, it has same 10W speakers (5W + 5W) but their performance is enhanced by Dolby sound technology.

Now talking about the computing power, it has 8GB ram powered by 4*CA53 CPU and 2*Mali470 GPU.

TCL S6500 series

S6500 is an upgraded version of simpler S5200 series. It has same Display and computing power on specs sheet; however, its Display is improved by TCL’s state of the art iPQ technology that automatically adjust the brightness of different zones.

The major improvement in this series is that it is much slimmer and powered by 16W (8W + 8W) speakers that gives much louder sound.

Sizes of TCL Smart TV

  • In S5200 there are two sizes available: 32 inch and 43 inch.
  • In S6500 there is only 40 inch size available.


UHD LED is also powered by android, but has more enhanced Ultra HD display, has bigger sizes and improved technology.

Currently there is only one series P735 series. Here is a brief analysis of it;

Specifications of TCL UHD LED TV (TCL P735 Series)

First of all, this TCL UHD Smart TV is powered by android and has a much slimmer bazel-less design. Additionally, it has hands-free OK Google voice access to your LED.

Its 60Hz 4K HDR10 display is powered by Dolby Vision that gives more enhanced and clearer display. It also has micro dimming technology, and has greater number of colors, i.e. 1.07G (Billion) colors. Above all, it also features AiPQ 2nd Gen Engine that automatically detects and enhances color and brightness of different sections of LED.

Regarding sound, it has 19W (9.5W + 9.5W) powered by Dolby Atmos that gives enhanced and room filling sound.

Regarding computing power, it has 2G of DDR3 RAM and 4*A55 CPU and 2*G31 GPU. This gives it more powerful computing power.


  • This LED TV is available in 43, 50, 55, 65, and 75 inches sized


TCL QLED TV is much more advanced Smart LED TV due to its Quantum Dot Technology, that has much higher resolution and display quality. Beyond this, it also has some of most advance features that are explained below.

There are low series available in this category: C635 being the older one and C735 being the latest one.

Specifications of TCL QLED TV

TCL C635 Series

The screen resolution and refresh rate of this is same at that of P735 UHD TV, however, it has Quantum Dot Technology that means that the display quality is further enhanced. It can show true black and true white color and has more color contrast ration.

Beyond this, it has many additional features as well. It has ALLM mode that increased response time during gaming. Its Aim Assistance gives a large size curser in the centre of screen that helps a lot in aim and shoot games. This makes this TCL QLED great option for gamers.

Also, it has Miracast of PC that enables you to connect your much important and professional work. It is compatible with Apple Airplay as well that enables you to connect your Apple devices as well that is rare in other android TVs.

Additionally, it works on IOT that enables you to interact with an ecosystem of smart home appliances. The sound of this QLED feels much louder due to its more powerful 20W (10W + 10W) speakers powered by ONKYO technology that makes your LED room a home theatre.

TCL C735 Series

This is upgraded series of TCL QLED that has more enhanced features. Firstly, it has its display improved by 120Hz refresh rate that minimizes motion lag and blur, and 144Hz variable refresh rate designed especially during gaming.

Further, it has more updated Dramatic Dolby Vision IQ that enhances display in real time. Perhaps the biggest improvement in our view is its multi display view that enables you to simultaneously play 4 display windows on your led. Also it has eye protection mode for your eye care, especially while gaming.

Lastly, it has major improvements in its computing power. It has faster 3GB of DDR4 RAM, more powerful 4*A73 CPU and G52 GPU.

Sizes of TCL QLED TV

  • TCL C635 series are available in 43, 50, 55, 65, and 75 inch sizes.
  • TCL C735 series are available in 55, 65, and 98 inch sizes.


TCL’s mini-LED TV is also powered by Quantum Dot Technology powered by android operating system. The peculiarity about this LED that it has over 1000 dimming zones, that enhances automatic dimming. Secondly, it meets IMAX Enhanced certification, that is one of the highest certifications for LED display, sound, and scale.

There are two series: C835 series and C935 series, both being the latest and launched in 2022.

Features of TCL Mini LED TV

TCL C835 series

It has identical display and processor specs as that of TCL C735 QLED TV with some advance features like over 1000 dimming zones, IMAX Enhanced certification and HLG format for variable streaming resolutions.

The more noticeable feature of this LED is its insanely powerful 60W speaker (3*20W) that are the loudest produced by TCL. This takes your home theatre to next dimension.

TCL C935 Series

Lastly, it is C935 mini-LED, that is the most advanced LED made by TCL. Every thing about this LED is identical to C835 except for speaker arrangements. This LED also has 60W speaker but are arranged in such a way that it has a centre upfiring speaker. The sound of this speaker bounces back from the ceiling and the audience feels the sound coming form top as well. In this way it gives a more dynamic sound range and thrilling sound experience.

Sizes of TCL Mini LED TV

  • While C835 series is available in three sizes: 55, 65 and 75 inches,
  • C935 is only available in 65 inch size.

Prices of TCL LED in Pakistan 2023

As price of LED is an important factor while making decision, Shoppingjin helps you to solve this problem. Here is a complete price list of all TCL LEDs in Pakistan.

As you can see form the list, TCL LEDs price at shoppingjin are some of the lowest in Pakistan.


TLC has 2 years panel parts and home service for all its LEDs – no matter what category or size it is.


No doubt, TCL has complete range of LEDs for its customers. If you are looking LED for standard cable use, it has its Standard LED series. If you want to upgrade it to android then you might look for Smart LED TV and UHD LED TV. It you are a gamer and want a high-end display and gaming experience, then QLED might be the best option. While its highly expensive mini LED series is for niche audience that are looking for perfect LED in every way.









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