All Appliances That Complete Your Home Perfectly

All Appliances That Complete Your Home Perfectly

Here we summarize all the appliances, not just into a list but also with brief importance and detail. This will help you select your appliances and level up your living standard. Some of these appliances are common, and some are uncommon, so you must read them till the end. For simplicity, according to their application, we have divided all these appliances into four categories, i.e., Living Room, Laundry, Kitchen, and others. Let’s start from the living room,

Living Room Appliances

Living Room Appliances
Living Room Appliances

Here we have combined your lounge and Bedroom into one standalone section to satisfy your entertainment and utility needs.


The best way to set up entertainment is to install a LED TV. You can install it in your lounge or Bedroom. The sole purpose of LED TVs is entertainment, and if you have enough budget, you must purchase a Smart LED TV.

Air Conditioners

As average human comfort level ranges from 24C to 27C room temperature and 45% to 55% relative humidity level. An air conditioner unit serves both purposes, i.e., maintaining temperature and humidity. Also, the modern air conditioner has both heat and cool features. You can select your desired air conditioner type from the following,

  1. Wall mount (Split / Window)
  2. Floor Standing Cabinet
  3. Floor-standing Portable

If you want to get help deciding which air conditioner you must select (Size and Type) must read Complete Guide to Select Air Conditioner.

Water Dispenser

A water dispenser is a part of your home appliances that cools or heats the water and dispenses it through the tap. The purified water in the bottle or installed in the water dispenser has several health, economic and environmental advantages that make the water dispenser an essential member of your house.

Bedroom Size Refrigerator

You might need a separate refrigerator for the Bedroom, but ordinary refrigerators should not be used in any case due to the sophistication and small refrigeration requirement of the Bedroom. So, Bedroom sized refrigerators are designed to serve this purpose.

Laundry Appliances

Laundry Appliances

You need three basic and essential home appliances for the proper cleaning and creasing of garments.

Washing Machine

The most important appliance for cleaning of cloths is washing machine. Either a washing machine must have both a washer and dryer. So, you must choose one of the following,

  1. Separate Washer & Dryer.
  2. Twin Tub Washing Machine (Combined Washer & Dryer).
  3. Fully Automatic Washing Machine (Top load / Front Load).


After washing and drying next step is to iron the clothes to remove all the wrinkles for the clothes. For this, you must need one of the following,

  1. Dry Iron
  2. Steam Iron

Garments Steamer

In the case of delicate fabric, for example, coats, sweaters, or silk garments, it is difficult to iron them traditionally, which may damage the cloth. To deal with this delicacy, you must have a garments steamer to eliminate the wrinkles genially.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen Appliances

There are several variables to consider with each, though, depending on your kitchen layout. Let’s start with.


An essential item in your home appliances is a refrigerator. Your groceries, vegetables, meat, and fruits cannot stand the harsh environment outside and will rot in days. The refrigerator is your perfect partner to keep your food safe and hygienic. Following are the types of refrigerators you must select from.

  1. Double Door Refrigerator
  2. Four-Door / Cabinet Refrigerator
  3. Vertical Freezer
  4. Deep Freezer (Single Door / Double Door)

If you want to help decide which air conditioner you must select (Size and Type), you must read Complete Guide to Select Refrigerator.

Juice Extractor

If you like fresh juice of fruits or vegetables, the juicer extractor is a must for your kitchen appliances to cope with your healthy routine. A juice extractor is a machine that mechanically separates the juice from the pulp of most fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and herbs. The pulp is usually discarded but can also be used in muffins and pieces of bread or composting.


If you like smoothies, milkshakes, or margaritas, so a blender is a versatile and valuable addition to your kitchen.


If you want to grind your spice or coffee beans etc., you must have a proper electric grinder in your kitchen.


Ventilation is a core part of your kitchen. Usually, a vent hood is located above the stove or cooking range. These hoods ventilate hot gases and steam for the kitchen and suck in the fresh air inside the kitchen to keep your kitchen environment healthy, clean, and workable.

Microwave Over / Electric Oven

Today oven is used in every house and canteen or cafeteria because it’s easy and safe to use and is very quick to operate. An oven can either be;

  1. Microwave Oven (No or limited baking options)
  2. Electric Oven (Full Baking option)

Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle has become a very efficient device for boiling water in a short time, more quickly than in a stove-top kettle or in the microwave. Electric kettle for safely boiling and heating water. It features an automatic shut-off, so you never have to worry if you’re boiling water for tea and get distracted.

Coffee Maker

A nice cup of coffee on your desk is the perfect way to start in the morning, or it can keep you company during the day. Some makers even come with in-built bean grinders. So, don’t forget to buy the coffee maker.

Sandwich Maker

Sandwich maker is used to prepare one of the world’s most preferred fast food “Sandwich.” The appliance saves a lot of time and money by preparing quick and fast snacks for you. If you are worried about the cost and hygiene of the sandwich form marker, or you want to try your recipe, no doubt you must buy a sandwich maker for yourself.


Toast is a counter ingredient of your breakfast. The toaster is a quick and clean way to make toast instead of making toast on a pan.

Cooling Range

Stove and oven are separate units, whereas cooking range is a combination of both stove and oven in a standalone unit, with a stove on top of the oven. The cooking range serves as complete cooking, heating, and baking device. The cooking range may consist of a separate stove and oven, which is also worth considering for congested kitchens.

Other Appliances

Other Appliances
Other Appliances

Vacuum Cleaner

Dusting and cleaning your house is as essential as cleaning yourself. But you cannot dust everything without a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is dry means removing all the dirt. It is the only tool to suck the dirt from any porous surface, i.e., carpet, sofa, curtains, etc.


Geysers provide hot water demand in winter. These geysers make your winter bath warm and comfortable and provide hot water availability for other users. You can select from two types of geysers.

  1. Instant Geyser (Electric)
  2. Storage Geyser (Electric / Gas)

If you want to decide the best geyser for your home, read: ….

Room Cooler

In hot and dry summers, you must need an evaporator room cooler that maintains comfort conditions in your room by providing terrific and moist air and improving ventilation.

Electric Heater

Although modern Air Conditioner comes with both heat and excellent features, it cannot be compared to electric heaters in term of their portability, size, heating capacity, and price. Following are two heaters you must buy to cope with the cold winters,

  1. Coil Heater
  2. Rod Heater
  3. Fan Heater

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