Canon Dual Ignition Instant Geyser INS-1002/1202

Aluminium Alloy front panel Body

Dual Power Ignition

Heavy Duty

Copper Heat Exchanger

Big Body

80% Energy Saving


Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
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Brand: Canon
Collection: Canon Geyser

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Type Instant Geyser
Color Silver
Capacity 10, 12 Liter
Exchanger For 10 Ltr 2.00KG For 12 Ltr 2.20KG
Pressure Zero pressure valve (solenoid with copper wire)
Panel Grey painting base panel
Burner For 12 Liter 15 row T For 10 Liter 13 row T
Water pipe 12mm diameter
S.S water pipe part with 2* 45cm hard
The Canon Dual Ignition Instant Geyser is an easy to use, low maintenance instant geyser. It is designed to be used in any hot water system. Its unique dual ignition system creates a highly effective and safe geyser, without the use of a pilot light. The system works by automatically heating water to a boil with an external electric heater. The boiling water then flashes to steam when the heat source is turned off.
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Geyser Capacity

10 Liter, 12 Liter


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