Haier Washing Machine HWM 8050

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Weight 16 Kg.

Material – Virgin Plastic.

99.99% Motor of Copper.

Warranty 2+1 Years.

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
Delivery: In 1-2 working days with COD

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Brand: Haier

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Haier Washing Machine HWM 80-50 is an excellent Washing Machine for household washing. HWM 80-50 has a beautiful design. The strong rotation of the in-depth basin solid pulsator can make the water flow rise speedily to hold clothes. This can why the direct abrasion between clothes and the pulsator so that the abrasion can be reduced. Haier HWM 8050 has an anti-bacterial wash with Water Rinse and a Powerful Motor. Haier 8050 is an excellent choice for your household.

Product Details:

Model 8050
Color Milk White, Grey
Type Washer
Capacity 8 KG
Display No
RPM 500
Program Standard Strong
Delay start No
Fuzzy control No
Air Dry No
Child lock No
Auto Dosing No
Rinse Cycle Yes
Rinse Hold Yes
Outer cabinit material Virgin Plastic
Inner Drum Virgin Plastic
Motor 99.99% Copper
Dimension(mm)h*w*d 490x455x490
Weight(Kg) 16 Kg
Warranty 2+1 Years
Energy Class A
Washing Performance Class A
Spin Speed (rpm) 500
Energy Class A
Washing Performance Class A
Spin Efficiency Class 5Amp
Voltage / Frequency 220/50

Haier HWM 8050 Features:

  • Color Milk, White, Grey
  • Wash Capacity
  • Program Standard, Strong
  • Outer cabinet material Virgin Plastic
  • Inner Drum Virgin Plastic
  • Motor 99.99% Copper
  • Dimension(mm)h*w*d:940*455*490
  • Weight 16 Kg
  • Warranty 2+1 Years

Virgin Plastic:

Virgin, or non-recycled, HDPE is safe. The FDA reviews recycled HDPE products on a case-by-case basis. Virgin HDPE is great for making plastic containers. It resists corrosion. It doesn’t absorb much moisture. It doesn’t leach chemicals. Virgin is not harmful as compared to other Plastic. It has high strength and durability.

Flint Filter:

Lint is tiny fibers that separate from the surface of the Cloth while was in the washing machine. These filters are designed to catch lint, pieces of wet paper that are accidentally left in the clothes. While was,hing lint from clothes attaches to other clothes. As a result, it forms a dust-like surface on clothes. Flint Filter plays a prominent role in removing those dust Particles. Make your Cloth look Cleaner & Neater.

Standard Strong Program:

Standard Strong Program is designed primarily to make clothes neater by removing strains, and dust stuck in the fiber of clothes, making them look brighter and neater.

Shipping Jin offers best prices of Haier Washing Machine HWM 8050 in Pakistan. Please have a look at wholesale prices of Haier Washing Machine This Haier Washing Machine With Dryer comes with origonal claimable Haier warranty. If you have any furthur issues regarding warranty, feel free to contact us. We will always provide you the Lowest Price of Washing Machine With Dryer all over the pakistan


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