Orient 18G Hyper 1.5 Ton Ultron DC Inverter AC

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10 Years Compressor Warranty
1 Year Parts Warranty
1 Year Gas Warranty
80% Energy Saving
Heat & Cool
Auto Clean

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Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
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Brand: Orient
Collection: Orient AC
Category: Inverter AC

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The new Orient 18G Hyper Ultron White perfectly embodies the modern cooling machine’s sleek and stylish design. Not only does it add an oomph factor to whichever room it’s installed in, but its rust-free blue and gold fin gives it a touch of uniqueness. It doesn’t lack on the performance front, either. The ‘Smart Edition,’ as it’s called, gives you access to its consumption data so you can schedule how often you want to turn the AC on or off. Its low voltage operation and Electricity Consumption Management system give you energy savings of up to 80%. All in all, it’s the cooling machine you can trust on the most sweltering summer days.

Smart Feature:

Your smart Ultron 18G Hyper Inverter can get things ready for you ahead of time with its scheduling feature. The  Ultron AC series utilizes the internet to give you real-time information about its functioning and efficiency. To view the stats, all you have to do is.

Energy Efficient:

Orient Ultron 18G Hyper saves up to 80% energy and brings down electricity costs significantly. From Orient innovative app feature, you can also monitor energy-saving regularly.

Smart Clean:

Built-in Auto Clean feature clears the evaporator from dust and odors, enhancing the AC’s performance, prolonging its life, and saving maximum energy.

Biggest Indoor Unit:

The absolute beauty and grace of the indoor unit come in a more significant form than ever before. 1.1M in size and several times more in function, the indoor unit is perfect for its function.

Low Voltage Start:

Like other DC Inverter ACs, Orient AC also starts on Low voltage, at 140V, and allows you to run the AC even if you are not receiving full voltages from your substation.

Long Air Throw:

Equipped with a large fan motor, orient 18G Hyper throws air up to 50ft.


Orient Ultron series have a double-layer condenser and 100% copper connecting pipe to ensure that all energy input into the appliance is used entirely and correctly, reducing waste. Hence, the air conditioner does not add up as a load on your electricity bills. The new 18G Hyper model features a bigger Indoor Unit and a Japanese PCB circuit for quality cooling.

Online Control:

Another Smart function of 18G Hyper offers is that you can control the AC and command it to turn itself on or off when needed, no matter wherever you are. When you are coming back from work and ready to take a nap, you can command the 18G Hyper AC to activate itself on your way home ahead of time.

Key Features:

  • Low Voltage Operation(Startup at 140V).
  • Electricity Consumption Management.
  • High Gloss Dual Injection indoor.
  • Up to 80% Electricity Saving.
  • Digital High-efficiency Chip.
  • Factory-installed Wi-Fi Kit.
  • Schedule Management.
  • Biggest 1.5 Ton Indoor.
  • Double Layer Condenser.
  • 50 Feet long Air Throw.
  • Built-in Energy Meter.
  • R-410A Eco Friendly.
  • Online Control.
  • Bigger Outdoor.
  • Heat and Cool.
  • Gold Fin.

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    Alhamdulilah, product was fine and timely delivered. My experience with Shoppingjin is good.

  2. Haseeb Ahmad (verified owner)

    Air Conditioner was installed…… Very satisfied performance….. Cooling was very good….

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