Wireless Mouse Price in Pakistan

Starting price of Wireless Mouse in Pakistan is Rs 1,000. Most expensive Wireless Mouse can cost you around Rs 24,900 while a normal wireless mouse can esaily be bought around Rs 4,500.

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When it comes to computer peripherals, a wireless mouse offers convenience and freedom of movement compared to its wired counterparts. Whether you need a mouse for work, gaming, or general everyday use, choosing the right wireless mouse can greatly enhance your computing experience. This wireless mouse buying guide aims to provide you with essential factors to consider before purchasing.

Wired vs. Wireless Mouse

  Wired Mouse Wireless Mouse
Portability Not easily portable Easily portable
Connectivity USB cable Bluetooth or RF
Performance Accurate and precise Not accurate as wired counterparts
Power Consumption Don’t require a power source Operate on batteries
Price Affordable Costly
Button Response Time Better Relatively slower
Compatibility Compatible with all types of devices Might not work with some devices

Pros and Cons of Wireless Mouse

Pros Cons
Wireless mouse doesn’t require cords Require battery power and have limited battery life
Durable Expensive
Wireless mouse has faster speeds If you lose the receiver, you must replace the whole set.
Longer range compared to a wired mouse  


Is a Wireless Mouse Good For Gaming?

Yes, wireless mouse can be suitable for gaming, although there are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing a wireless mouse for gaming:


However, modern wireless technology has significantly reduced latency, and many high-performance wireless gaming mouse are designed to offer minimal latency, often on par with wired mouse. Look for gaming-specific wireless mouse with low-latency features to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Battery Life

Gaming sessions can be lengthy, so it’s essential to consider the battery life of a wireless gaming mouse. Look for a mouse with a long-lasting battery that comfortably accommodates gaming sessions without frequent recharging or battery replacement.

Connectivity Stability

A stable and reliable connection is essential for gaming. Look for wireless gaming mouse using robust wireless technologies, such as 2.4GHz or proprietary wireless protocols, to minimize potential signal interference and maintain a consistent connection.

Performance and Precision

Gaming often requires precise cursor movements and rapid response times. Ensure that your wireless gaming mouse has a high-quality optical or laser sensor with adjustable DPI (dots per inch) settings. Adjustable DPI allows you to customize the mouse’s sensitivity to match your gaming preferences and requirements.

Gaming Features and Customization

Wireless gaming mouse often come with additional gaming features such as programmable buttons, customizable lighting effects, and onboard memory for storing profiles. Consider your gaming preferences and the specific features you need to enhance your gaming experience, such as customizable macros or adjustable weight.

Wireless Mouse Price in Pakistan Oct 2023

Here are updated wireless mouse price in Pakistan



Logitech Silent Plus Wireless Mouse M331Rs. 4,999
Logitech Corded Keyboard and Mouse Combo MK120Rs. 4,899
Logitech Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo MK235Rs. 6,599
Logitech Wireless Mouse M275Rs. 4,099
A4Tech 2.4G Wireless Keyboard & Mouse FG1010SRs. 6,246
A4Tech 2.4G Wireless Mouse G3-200N(S)Rs. 2,256
A4tech FSTYLER 2.4G Wireless Mouse FG20Rs. 2,683
A4TECH FSTYLER-2.4G Wireless Mouse FG30SRs. 2,968
A4Tech Wireless Mouse FG12SRs. 3,950
Acer Wireless Mouse OMR070Rs. 1,999
HP Optical Silent Wireless Mouse S1000Rs. 2,099
HP Wireless Mouse S500Rs. 1,850

Price Analysis of Wireless Mouse

  • Budget Range (Less than PKR 5,000): You can find basic wireless mouse with standard features in the budget range. These mouse typically have a simple design and basic functionality and may lack advanced features such as customizable buttons or high DPI settings.
  • Mid-Range (Less than PKR 15,000): In the mid-range, you can expect better build quality, improved ergonomics, and additional features. mouse in this range may have adjustable DPI settings, programmable buttons, and enhanced connectivity options.
  • High-End Range (Above PKR 15,000): High-end wireless mouse are designed for gaming or professional use and often come with advanced features and customization options. These mouse may have high DPI sensors, adjustable weight systems, and customizable lighting effects.


  • Logitech M185 (Low Range): A reputable brand’s basic and affordable wireless mouse, offering reliable performance and wireless convenience.
  • Logitech M720 Triathlon (Mid-Range): A versatile and durable wireless mouse with multi-device connectivity, programmable buttons, and long battery life.
  • Razer Basilisk Ultimate (Premium Range): A high-performance wireless gaming mouse with a responsive sensor, customizable buttons, and RGB lighting, designed for gamers seeking precision and customization.