Hair Straightener Brush Price in Pakistan

Minimum price of hair straightener brush in Pakistan is Rs 13,400. Prices of our import quality hair straightener brush are unbetable. Have a look below at our catalog.

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A hair straightening brush can be a versatile tool to achieve sleek and straight hair easily. Before purchasing one, consider all the key factors to ensure you have selected a brush that suits your hair type and styling preferences. This buying guide will cover all the essential aspects, from feature analysis to price analysis, with pros and cons to make an informed decision.

Features To Consider While Buying Hair Straightening Brush

When buying a hair straightening brush, there are several features you should consider to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. Here are some essential features to look into:

Heat Settings

Look for a straightening brush that offers adjustable heat settings. This allows you to customize the temperature based on your hair type and desired styling results. Different hair types require different heat levels, so having the flexibility to adjust the temperature is essential.

Temperature Range

Check the temperature range the brush offers. Lower temperatures suit fine or damaged hair, while higher temperatures are needed for thick or coarse hair.

Heating Technology

Consider the heating technology used in the brush. Ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium plates are commonly used as they distribute heat evenly and minimize damage to the hair. These materials also provide smooth gliding through the hair for effective straightening.

Heat-Up Time

Look for a straightening brush that heats up quickly. Short heat-up times are convenient, especially when you’re in a hurry or need to style your hair on the go.

Safety Features

Ensure that the brush has safety features, such as an auto shut-off function. This feature automatically turns off the brush after a certain period of inactivity, reducing the risk of accidents or damage.

Bristle Type

Consider the bristle type of the brush. Some brushes have ceramic or silicone bristles that glide smoothly through the hair without causing tangles or pulling. Flexible bristles are also beneficial as they help grip the hair during styling.

Size and Weight

Check the size and weight of the brush. A lightweight and compact design makes it easier to handle and travel with. Additionally, consider the size of the brush head to ensure it can cover a sufficient amount of hair with each pass.

Swivel Cord

Look for a straightening brush with a swivel cord. A swivel cord prevents tangling and provides more flexibility and ease of use during styling.

Additional Features

Some brushes may offer additional features such as an LCD for temperature control, ionization technology for reducing frizz, or a built-in comb for detangling while straightening. Consider these additional features based on your preferences and styling needs.

Pros and Cons Of Hair Straightening Brush

Pros Cons
Time-Saving Limited styling options
Ease of Use Less Precision
Reduced Dama


Heat damage potential
Can be used on various hair types and textures Not suitable for all hair types
Added Volume  

Best Hair Straightener Brush Price in Pakistan Sep 2023

Here are the updated prices of the best hair straightener brush of all brands in Pakistan



Philips Heated Straightening Brush BHH880/03Rs. 19,499

Price Analysis of Hair Straightening Brush

  • Budget-Friendly: Non-branded or Chinese hair straightening brushes without advanced features or from lesser-known brands can be found at lower prices i.e. around 1,000PKR – 1,200PKR. These brushes may have fewer temperature settings and fewer additional features.
  • Mid-range Options: Locally branded Hair straightening brushes with better build quality, additional features like adjustable temperature settings, ceramic or tourmaline plates, and reputable brands generally fall into the mid-range price segment.
  • High-end Options: Premium hair straightening brushes with advanced features, higher-quality materials, advanced heating technologies, and renowned brands are typically found in the high-end price range.

Brands for Hair Straightening Brush

  • Philips
  • Revlon
  • Westpoint
  • Nova
  • Kemei


These features and price analyses can vary based on different factors. Visit to get up-to-date information on hair straightening brush prices in Pakistan