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Whether you’re a parent or looking to surprise your child with an exciting RC helicopter. Our buying guide is designed to help you for understanding the different types and features to considering safety before buying. These insights are needed to make an informed decision.

Types of Remote Control Helicopter

Coaxial helicopters (Low Price Range)

Coaxial helicopters are a great choice for kids who are interested in remote control helicopters. These are known for their exceptional stability. The counter-rotating rotors provide balanced lift that can be challenging for beginners to manage. This stability allows kids to focus more on learning basic controls without constantly struggling to keep the helicopter steady.

Single Rotor Fixed Pitch (Mid Price Range)

They provide a more realistic flying experience compared to coaxial helicopters, which can be appealing to kids who are interested in aviation and want to learn more about how helicopters. Single rotor fixed pitch helicopter requires more precise control inputs and coordination. This can help kids develop their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness.

FPV helicopter (High Price Range)

FPV helicopters are suitable for older kids who have a basic understanding of remote control flying and are ready for a more advanced experience. These are equipped with a live video transmission system, enabling the pilot to see the flight from the perspective of the helicopter itself.

Features of Remote Control Helicopter

Simplified controls

RC helicopters are often incorporated into remote control helicopters designed for beginners or kids to make flying more accessible and less overwhelming. These simplified controls typically reduce the number of control inputs required and make the helicopter easier to maneuver.


Many remote control helicopters feature auto-stabilization systems that help maintain stability and level flight. These systems use sensors to automatically adjust the helicopter’s attitude and unwanted movements. It helps beginners by keeping the helicopter steady and reducing the need for constant control inputs to maintain balance.

One-Key Functions

These are also known as one-button functions found in some remote control helicopters that simplify specific actions by allowing them to be performed with a single button press. These functions are designed to make flying easier and more convenient, particularly for beginners or those who prefer simplified controls.

Altitude hold

It is a feature that allows the helicopter to maintain a steady altitude without constant adjustment of the control. This feature is particularly useful for capturing stable aerial footage or performing tasks that require consistent height, as it frees the pilot from continuously managing the throttle.

Multiple Channels

Remote controls with multiple channels allow you to operate multiple devices simultaneously without interference. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where multiple remote control devices are being used in close proximity, such as in a racing event or a group flying session.

Voice Control

In certain remote control devices, voice control technology allows you to control the device or issue commands through voice recognition. This hands-free control method can be convenient in situations where manual control is not feasible or when you prefer a more intuitive interaction with the device.

Wireless Connectivity

Many remote controls utilize wireless connectivity, such as radio frequency or Bluetooth, to communicate with the controlled device. Wireless connectivity provides a reliable and convenient means of controlling the device remotely without the need for physical connections.

RC Helicopter Price in Pakistan Mar 2024



Heli 3.5 Channel Remote Control Helicopter for KidsRs. 3,850

Wrap Up

Remote control helicopters come in various types and models, each with its own features and price ranges. Consider your budget and other features which you are looking for in remote control helicopters.