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Original price was: ₨10,000.Current price is: ₨7,300.

RC airplanes can be fantastic and creative activities for kids. When choosing an RC airplane, it’s important to consider their age, skill level, and safety. In this buying guide we will discuss durability and ease of control to choose the right toy grade RC airplane from the wide range available in Pakistan.

Types of RC airplanes in Pakistan

Trainer Planes (Low Price Range)

These planes are typically made with lightweight materials and feature simplified controls to make them easy for kids to operate. Trainer planes for kids typically have a slower flying speed for better control and reaction time. Slower speeds also reduce the risk of crashes and make it easier for kids to learn basic maneuvers.

Sport Planes (Mid-range)

These planes typically offer more advanced features and capabilities compared to trainer planes, allowing kids to explore a wider range of maneuvers and enjoy a higher level of performance. Consider the recommended age range for the sport plane. Some models may be suitable for older kids with more advanced skills, while others may be designed specifically for younger pilots.

Jets (high-end)

These toys are typically designed to display the appearance and performance of real jets, allowing children to imagine themselves to experience the excitement of high-speed flight. RC jet toys come with advanced features and are suitable for children aged 8 and above.

Features That Need To Consider Before Purchasing RC Airplanes

Gesture Controls

RC airplanes use hand gesture recognition technology, where kids can control the aircraft by making specific hand movements. The airplane’s control system analyze the hand gestures and translates them into appropriate control commands.

Motion Sensor Controllers

Some RC airplanes come with motion sensor controllers that allow kids to control the aircraft by tilting or moving the controller itself. These controllers detect the motion and translate it into corresponding control inputs for the airplane.

Flying Range

Different RC airplane models and systems have varying ranges. Check the specifications of your RC airplane to determine its maximum range. Make sure that you are operating within the stated range limits.

Wingspan and size

The wingspan of an RC airplane refers to the distance from one wingtip to the other. Different airplanes have different wingspan sizes to suit their purpose. The wing configuration, such as high-wing, low-wing, or mid-wing, affects the airplane’s stability and flight characteristics.


Most modern RC airplanes operate on the 2.4GHz frequency band, which provides a stable and interference-free signal. This frequency typically offers a good range, allowing you to fly your airplane at a considerable distance.

Number of channels

RC planes usually have 2 to 3 channels for controlling as the primary functions for kids. Further multiple channels are available in advanced RC planes and suitable for older kids.

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Remote Control Airplane SU-35 RCRs. 7,300


These are the types and features of RC airplane in Pakistan. Consider all the aspects before buying. Visit shoppingjin.pk to get your hands on to huge variety of RC airplanes for your kids.