9 Advantages of DC Inverter AC over standard Non-Inverter AC.

Advantages of DC Inverter AC over standard Non-Inverter AC

With rising prices, electricity bills are one of the most common concerns in Pakistan, and with the rising temperature intensity, Air Conditioners are becoming a necessity, day by day. But the moment an Air Conditioners are installed in the house; electricity bills increase significantly. With the selection of suitable Air conditioners, you can save a significant portion of your electricity bills.

Let’s dig into the advantages of DC Inverter AC over standard Non-Inverter AC.

9 Advantages of DC Inverter AC over Standard Non-Inverter AC

Energy Saving

A DC Inverter AC, if properly installed, can save more than 60% of your electricity units consumed. With modern DC Inverter technology, home appliances are becoming more and more economical as they reduce operating cost. In comparison, the earlier Non-Inverter consumes a lot of electricity units and increases electricity bills significantly. The new DC Inverter AC may not wholly reduce increasing electricity bills, but it has a significant impact in minimizing it.

The graph gives the power consumption trend for a DC Inverter AC vs. Non-Inverter AC.

DC inverter AC power Consumption
DC inverter AC Power Consumption

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2. Low Noise

A DC Inverter AC may operate at noise as low as 22db, which is relatively low. In comparison, humans cannot hear sounds below 20db.

As a standard Non-inverter AC can only operate on full load, the noise of its compressor working and the AC fan speed is far greater. The DC Inverter AC can get cruse at low compressor power and fan speed to maintain the room temperature.

3. Eco Friendly

DC Inverter AC often uses an environment-friendly refrigerant gas R410a. R410a is a hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) based gas that does not cause harmful effects on the ozone later. Whereas in older Non-Inverter AC Chlorofluorocarbon R22 is used, which harms the ozone. Also, the R22 gas has been banned by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). So, the refrigerants must be considered while selecting the home appliances.

The table gives the ozone depletion potential (ODP) and Atmospheric life of commonly used refrigerant gases.

Refrigerant Ozone Depletion Potential ODP Comparison
Refrigerant Ozone Depletion Potential ODP Comparison

4. Heat & Cool Feature

Almost All DC inverter AC has heat and superb functionality. This dual functionality AC will cool and summers and heat in winter. Making it operate throughout the year, so you save energy much faster and compensate for the extra money invested on the AC much sooner. Also, the combined cost of the heater and Non-Inverter AC reduces the price difference compared to DC Inverter AC.

5. Low Voltage Operation

DC Inverter AC can keep operating on Low voltage without an issue. This might save your AC unit from being a target of voltage fluctuation. A standard Non-Inverter AC can operate on fixed voltage, which is more likely to get damaged due to any voltage fluctuations.

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6. Long Life

The DC Inverter AC does not even save electricity bills but also lasts a more extended life. During operation, the DC Inverter AC mostly runs at lower speed and changes between the operating speeds very smoothly, which prevents the machinery inside it from being affected by wear and tear. Whereas then the machinery of Non-Inverter AC is more likely to wear out because of its operation at high speed and sudden turning off and on.

7. Fast Cooling & Heating

A DC Inverter AC can cool or heat the room faster than Non-Inverter AC. This is because of its ability to operate at variable compressor speeds. Initially, the compressor will operate at a higher speed to cool or heat the room and then shift to low speed to maintain the room temperature.

8. No Fluctuations in room temperature

If you have a DC Inverter AC installed, you would hardly notice any fluctuations in your room temperature. This is because the DC Inverter AC offers a stable operation through its ability to detect a slight change in room temperature. So, it genteelly adjusts the compressor speed to maintain the desired room temperature.

9. Multiple Power Sources

It is possible to use DC Inverter AC with multiple power sources. Other alternatives to the main power supply are UPS and Solar Panels. So, you can even utilize your AC in case of load shedding or no main power supply which are the two most common electricity crises in Pakistan.

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