Air Conditioners: Complete Guide to Buy Air Conditioner in 2020

Complete Guide to Buy Air Conditioner in 2020

One of the most expensive home or office appliance is air conditioners yet is becoming a basic necessity. It’s a long-term investment and you not get a chance to replace an air conditioner for years, once it has been installed. So, you should do some research to select most suitable air conditioner.

Here is a complete guide to Buy an Air conditioner for you.

This guide consists of three parts;

  1. 3 Questions you must answer to select suitable Air Conditioner
  2. What Specifications you must look for in an Air Conditioner
  3. What Technology you Must Prefer for Air Conditioner


3 Questions you must answer to select suitable Air Conditioner.

To decide specific type and size of an Air conditioner, you must answer following 3 questions.

1. In what space you are going to install your Air Conditioner unit?

What are different types of Air Conditioner each designed for specific installing condition.

Wall Mounted Split AC

The most common type of air conditions commonly used is Wall Mounter Split AC. These AC consists of two parts – indoor and outdoor. The indoor is mounted inside the room of the wall most appropriate height to mount the indoor is 6-8 ft. to get best AC performance and faster cooling. The outdoor also have a pipe outlet from which it releases the moisture content form the room. While installing the indoor, way for this pipe outlet must be predefined defined. The outdoor is placed outside the room where it releases the heat. The mount must be placed at a windy area to get better AC performance. The outdoor must be placed above the high of indoor to minimize the compressor work.

Typical applications include, bedrooms, offices, apartments and shops.

Floor Standing Split AC

Floor Standing AC
Floor Standing Air Conditioner

Floor Standing Split AC are also called cabinet or column type AC. These are high capacity units

cooling capacity of 2 ton and more than 2 ton. These are used in large rooms where several wall mounted ACs can not be used. These AC provides strong flow and longer throw of cool air, which means that these ACs can not be installed with occupants in close range. These ACs also include indoor and outdoor unit with working and outdoor positions similar to the Wall Mounted Split AC.

Typical applications include, Malls, Mosques, waiting areas and receptions, lobbies, large auditoriums and halls.

Window AC

These AC units are enclosed into a single box with all the components installed in it. These are installed into a window cut through the wall so called, window AC. They provide high coefficient of performance at expense of several limitations. you must have exterior support for window air conditioner. You must solve the dripping water problem. Inserted into window opening of wall. Only certain windows exposed to open environments can be utilized not all windows are suitable.

Typical applications include, single bedrooms, offices and small apartments.

Portable AC

Portable AC
Portable Air Conditioner

This AC is also enclosed into a single box. It is portable so you can move it from one room to other room. It’s a floor standing small unit with a long duct to exhaust hot gasses and water. This duct or pipe is to be placed outside the room whether through a window, door or another opening. It is designed for small rooms and have cooling capacity up to 1 ton.  Main reason to choose these types of AC, due to their low price and portability.

Typical applications include, hostels, single bedrooms, small apartments and any other congested place where you can’t install above three type of ACs.

2. What Air Conditioner capacity you require for your room size?

The most common choices of available 0.75 ton, 1 ton, 1.5 ton and 2 ton. Here is a thumb rule to choose your Air Conditioner capacity in tonnage according to the room size.

  1. 0.75 ton AC is advised for room’s floor area less than 80 sq ft. Usually small bedrooms and office cabins.
  2. 1 ton AC is advised for room’s floor area ranging from 80 sq ft to 120 sq ft. Usually for medium sized bedrooms/rooms and large offices and shops.
  3. 5 ton AC is advised for room’s floor area ranging from 120 sq ft to 190 sq ft. Usually large master bedrooms or conference rooms.
  4. 2 ton AC is advised for room’s floor area ranging from 190 sq ft to 300 sq ft. Usually in living rooms and medium sized halls, larger offices and larger shopping stores.
Air Conditioner capacity in tonnage according to the room size
Air Conditioner capacity in tonnage according to the room size

3. What is the Power Source?

All the Air conditioners are suitable for AC (Alternating Current) power supply. But if you want to use solar or UPS as an alternative power source you must consider DC Inverter AC as your only option.


What Specifications you must look for in an Air Conditioner

Following are some specifications you must look for while selecting and Air Conditioner

Energy Saving

With raising prices, electricity bills are one of the most common concern in Pakistan and with the raising temperature intensity, Air Conditioners are becoming a necessity, day by day. But the moment an Air Conditioners are installed in the house, electricity bills increases significantly. With selection of suitable Air conditioner, you can save a great portion of your electricity bills. Today modern DC Iverter AC can save more than 60% of electricity consumed. So, it is highly recommended to choose an AC with higher Energy Saving, to save electricity bills.

Refrigerant Gas

Today in Pakistan four most commonly used refrigerants in home appliances are R-22 R-134a R-400a and R-600a.


Some old Air conditioners still uses R-22 refrigerant. R-22 have harmful impact on Ozone layer and global warming as well. Also, the R22 gas have been banned by United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). So, we don’t recommend appliances with gas R22.

R-410a and R310a

Today in Pakistan the most common refrigerant used in air conditioners is R-410A. This refrigerant is better than R-22 in terms of Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and energy efficiency but have high global warming potential (GWP). Same is the case for R-134a which is also HFC based gas. Its also have zero ozone depletion potential and have less harmful impact on global warming as compared to R-410a.


The greenest refrigerant available today in Pakistani market is R-600A. R-600a is HCFC based gas have zero ozone depletion rate and near zero global warming potential. They also have high-energy efficiency but are highly flammable as they are hydrocarbons. Still they are the most ecofriendly refrigerant available in the market. This refrigerant has started to grow its marketplace in Pakistan, it can now be found in refrigerators but is still rarely found in any Air Conditioner.

So, highly recommend appliances with gas R-600a.

The table gives the ozone depletion potential (ODP) and global warming potential (GWP) and Atmospheric life of commonly used refrigerant gases.

Refrigerant Properties ODP | GWP | Atmospheric Life
Refrigerant Properties for ODP | GWP | Atmospheric Life

Seer Rating

When comparing central air conditioners, seasonal energy efficiency ratio, SEER rating is also important. Mostly it is ignored, but if you want to find it you can visit official websites to see it. The SEER rating is a measure of how much energy the air conditioner uses to cool a home. Experts recommend that people who live in hot and humid climates choose an air conditioner with a SEER of at least 15. The common SEER rating ranges 13 to 24.


As Air Conditioner is a heavy dent on your pocket so you want it to last longer. One of the ways that companies claims the quality life of any product is by warranty. You must see for Air Conditioners with longer warranty.

Built Quality

The built quality of an air conditioner is checked in terms of the material it uses for evaporator and condenser and the technology they utilize for the compressor. Best evaporators and condensers are made up of copper coils. Also, double layered copper condensers are highly recommended for the condenser technology. In terms of compressor technology, you might want buy product with latest technology claimed by the specific company. Because its hard to compare the compressor technology of different companies as every company might claim best technology.

Smart Feature

One of the latest features in any home appliance is the Smart Feature. It allows connectivity of your device to the internet to perform certain tasks. For Air conditioner Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to access the AC form remote places. You can also control your AC if you’re not even present at certain place. For example, you might want to turn on your Air Conditioner using Wi-Fi when you are leaving from office, so you find your room cool comfort able when you reach home. Smart feature also allows you to monitor the performance of your Air conditioner.


Another important feature you might want to look into is the price of the Air Conditioner. It is recommended to but low-price Air Conditioner if you are stuck between two options with similar features and performance. Also, there is not a lot of development in the field of Air Conditioner technology and mostly Air conditioners are similar in terms of performance, so price plays an important role in deciding.


What Technology you must prefer for Air Conditioner

There are two main technologies existing in the world of Air Conditioners. One is DC Inverter and other is Non-Inverter. Experts highly recommend users to Chose DC Inverter AC despite of its higher price, because of high energy saving, longer life, low noise and many other features.

If you want to know, why spend some extra money on DC Inverter AC, you should read: 9 Advantages of DC Inverter Refrigerator over Non-Inverter Refrigerator.

You might also want to read: Difference Between Working of DC Inverter AC and Non-Inverter AC.


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