Error Codes in Air Conditioners

Error Code in Air Conditioner

Whether you use wall mounted air conditioner or floor standing, chances are you may see an error code on your master controller. Why do these error codes occur? What do these error codes indicate? To answer these questions, you should read this concise article till the end.

Why do these error codes occur?

Although there are several reasons that your air conditioner shows an error code. Ten most typical of those reasons are described as follow;

  1. The air conditioner is out of gas.
  2. Wear and tear in older AC units or possible damage due to hitting.
  3. Technical faulty.
  4. Sudden extreme weather events like storms, heavy rain.
  5. Issues with switches and plugs.
  6. Tripped circuit breaker.
  7. Low local power supply and jerks.
  8. Delayed compressor starting upon turning on.
  9. Delayed fan starting upon turning on.

Some may be easy to fix, and others may be difficult. If you figure out that one of these reasons is why your air conditioner is not working correctly and showing air code. Then one way is to reset the air conditioner (not using remote) manually by pressing the reset button on the outdoor unit. If you cannot locate the reset button, you must look in the provided user manual or call the concerned company’s customer care center. This might save you some service charges. If the error is still showing, you must contact the company’s service center.

What do these error codes indicate?

There are two types of error codes, i.e., E – Error Codes and F – Error Codes. These error codes are described as follows.

E – Error Codes

E0 – Indoor Unit over-current protection

E1 – Indoor Unit Room Sensor Error

E2 – Outdoor Unit Condenser Sensor Error

E3 – Indoor Unit Evaporator Sensor Error

E4 – AC or DC Motor Error

E5 – Indoor & Outdoor Unit Communication Error

E8 – Communication Fault between Display Board & PCB Board

Eb – Indoor Unit PCB Error

F – Error Codes

F0 – Outdoor Unit Fan Motor Error

F1 – Outdoor Unit Module Protection Error

F2 – Outdoor Unit PFC Protection Error

F3 – Compressor Start Failure or out-of-step Error

F4 – Outdoor Unit Discharge Sensor Error

F6 – Outdoor Unit Room Sensor Error

F8 – Outdoor Unit Communication Error between PCB & Module Board

F9 – Outdoor Unit PCB Error

These are the error codes that you must know if you are concerned about what type of error is in your Air Conditioner and what work is needed to be done.

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