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These keyboards are designed to provide a more tactile and responsive typing experience. Whether you are a coder or a pro gamer, we have you covered. In this buying guide, we will look into the factors that deserve your attention while searching for mechanical keyboards that let you understand and make an informed decision.

Difference between Mechanical, Regular, and Membrane

Mechanical Keyboard

These keyboards use individual mechanical switches for each key. These switches consist of a spring-loaded mechanism that provides tactile feedback and an audible click when the key is pressed. Each keypress registers independently, which allows for precise and responsive typing. Mechanical keyboards are known for durability, longevity, and customizable nature with different switch types. They offer varying levels of tactile feedback, actuation force, and sound.

Regular Keyboard

These keyboards are known as rubber dome keyboards or dome-switch keyboards. They are the most common type of keyboard found in everyday use. They use a rubber dome or membrane layer beneath the keys, which collapses when a key is pressed. Regular keyboards are relatively affordable and widely available. They often lack the tactile feedback and durability of mechanical keyboards. The typing experience can be less responsive compared to mechanical keyboards.

Membrane Keyboards

They are a subcategory of regular keyboards. These keyboards use a membrane layer that contains conductive traces beneath the keys. When a key is pressed, the top layer of the membrane makes contact with the bottom layer. Membrane keyboards are quieter and less expensive than mechanical keyboards.

Why are Mechanical Keyboards better?

Here are the following reasons that make mechanical keyboards better than others:

Tactile Feedback

These keyboards provide distinct tactile feedback with keypress. This can enhance typing accuracy and speed by providing a physical sensation when a key has been actuated. It helps users develop muscle memory and reduces the chances of accidental keystrokes.


Mechanical keyboards have a durable build. The individual mechanical switches used in these keyboards are designed for heavy use and rated for many key presses.


These offer a high customization level that allows users to replace keycaps easily, enabling personalization to create unique designs. The level of customization can enhance the productivity for different tasks.

Gaming Performance

Many mechanical gaming keyboards offer features like N-key rollover or anti-ghosting, ensuring all key presses are registered accurately during complex key combinations.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Good For Gaming?

There are the following features that help gamers to improve their gaming performance and overall experience:

Low Response Time

Mechanical keyboards have much faster response times and polling rates than rubber-dome membrane keyboards.

Improved design for long gaming sessions

These keyboards offer the best combination of gaming experience without compromising functionality.

N-Key Rollover Functionality

It allows accurate registration of keys when multiple buttons are pressed simultaneously, preventing ghosting issues.

Highly Programmable Keys

These mechanical keyboards offer extensive programmability. Users can assign shortcuts, macros, and various other functions to any key or combination.

Spill and Splash Resistance

Good quality mechanical keyboards use sealed casings to prevent water and other liquids from seeping inside. Some mechanical switches also feature waterproof casings to reduce the risk of water damage.

Best Mechanical Keyboard Price in Pakistan JUn 2024

Here is a complete price list with the best mechanical keyboard price in Pakistan



Avalon RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard by AkiraRs. 4,299
T-DAGGER Bali Gaming Mechanical Keyboard T-TGK311Rs. 8,499
ROG Strix Scope Deluxe Gaming Mechanical KeyboardRs. 34,499
T-DAGGER Corvette Mechanical Gaming Keyboard T-TGK302Rs. 7,999
Logitech G512 Carbon RGB Mechanical Gaming KeyboardRs. 25,100
Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming KeyboardRs. 22,899
Redragon K530 RGB Draconic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (wireless/wired)Rs. 13,799

Review of Pakistan’s Most Economical Mechanical Keyboard

Where branded mechanical keyboards in Pakistan can cost you 10’s of thousands of Pakistani Rupees, Here is our review of the most economical mechanical keyboard – i.e. Avalon Gaming Keyboard by Akira.

Price Analysis of Mechanical Keyboards in Pakistan

The price of mechanical keyboards depends on the built quality that a brand ensures and the type of switches used in it.

  • So the price of mechanical keyboards of premium brands like ROG, RAZER, and SteelSeries can be as high as 50,000PKR.
  • Some Midrange and economical brands like Logitech, Redragon, T-dagger, etc can cost you under 15,000PKR.
  • Chinese or non-branded mechanical keyboards can cost you under 8,000PKR.

Types of Switches in Mechanical Keyboards with Price Comparison

Here is a comparison of all types of mechanical keys arranged from economical to expensive pricing.

Brands of Mechanical Gaming Keyboards in Pakistan From High Price to Low Price

Here is a list of all the brands of mechanical gaming keyboards that are available in Pakistan. The list is arranged from more expensive to economical.

  • ROG
  • SteelSeries
  • Logitech
  • HyperX
  • Thunder
  • Redragon
  • T-Dagger


These are the features of mechanical keyboards, and we have recommended the following top-notch brands:

  • Redragon K552 (Low Range)

This compact mechanical keyboard features a Tenkeyless design and is often praised for its affordability. It offers a durable build, customizable backlighting, and comes with various switch options.

  • Logitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard (Mid Range)

The Logitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard is popular among gamers and professionals. It offers a compact design, customizable RGB lighting, programmable macros, and a range of switch options to suit different preferences at mid-range prices.

  • SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (High Range)

The SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL is a high-end mechanical keyboard that offers customizable per-key RGB lighting, programmable macros, and adjustable actuation switches. It features a compact Tenkeyless design and a durable aluminum frame.